Have Games. They published the Magnavox Odyssey

Have you ever heard the story of
Nintendo Co., Ltd.? No? It’s not a story a PS2 owner would tell you.


Chapter 1

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A long time ago, back in 1889, a man
named Fusajiro Yamauchi created a company called Nintendo. Then, they
eventually made a card game known as “Hanafuda”. They became incredibly popular,
so they hired a bunch o’ people to mass-produce the cards. Eventually, they
renamed themselves to Nintendo Karuta Co., Ltd. In Japan and did things
everywhere else as The Nintendo Play Card Co. They still do playing cards in
Japan and have a contract bridge tournament fittingly titled the “Nintendo


Chapter 2: Nintendo Adventure

In the year 1956, Fusajiro Yamauchi’s grandson Hiroshi Yamauchi decided to go
into the United States to have some chats with the USPCC (United States Playing
Card Company). He saw the one of the hugest card companies in the world was
handled in a little, tiny office. He saw that playing cards were a limited industry
to things and stuff in, so Nintendo Playing Card Co. Ltd. Evolved into Nintendo
Co., Ltd. other random stuff, like taxis, TV stations, instant rice and a whole
essay of other weird ventures, which all ended up failing. So, they did toys and
family entertainment venues.


Chapter 3: The Next Generation


Suddenly, they had decided to do
Video Games. They published the Magnavox Odyssey in Japanese territory in 1974,
and made their own consoles in ’77. Eventually, they made a new console series;
The Game & Watch, which brought dual screens, D-Pads and other innovations
to the table. Eventually, they created the Famicom, which was later released in
the U.S. as the Nintendo Entertainment System. Then they made the Game Boy, the
Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube and eventually created the Nintendo Wii.


Chapter 4: Back to the Future


Nowadays, they are doing pretty well.
The Switch is doing pretty cool and the Wii U died, along with Miiverse, which
is the Wii U’s social and online platform. I can’t wait to see what’s next,
which will probably be a wacky new Nintendo console and more re-releases of the
Xbox One and PS4.