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The present day society has evolved into a world where hate crime is the order of the day. Hate crime and its effects have spread out widely and as a result, it has clogged the minds of many (like is the case with Steve, whom the essay uses as a perpetrator) to an extent of acting inhumanly towards colleagues.

These people apparently are perceived to have different kind of lifestyle. Therefore, hate crime can be defined as a form of discrimination on a person or a group of people as a result of them identifying with the practices of a different minor group, for instance a religion or a race. Oppression can be manifested through intimidation, assault or even through the destruction and confiscation of property (Barbara, 2009).

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This essay seeks to demystify the evils associated with hate crimes. Steve identifies with a certain ethnic group which craves to be in power. For this reason, Steve and his counterparts have jealousy and greed to deal with and will stop at nothing to attain power. Last time an election was carried out tension was high which soon grew to a full blown war after Steve’s ethnic group lost the elections.

Lots of the victims’ property and lives were destroyed due to the disagreement on the results based on claims of rigging. Violence and other forms of inhuman behaviors prevailed enormously.

Steve and other like minded perpetrators suffer from a condition called inferiority complex. They replace their inferiority with an urge to oppress others. In their minds such people believe in the notion that their victims are inferior so they can do to them whatever they please and get away with it. Perpetrators usually work in numbers so that no single person is accountable for the group’s acts (Barbara, 2009).

Victims of hate crime find themselves in such circumstances because of their unchangeable traits which define them. As such, victims are in a constant state of fear of the unknown. As a result they seldom relate or associate with others of their kind in the open as this could turn out to be catastrophic in the presence of their oppressors.

A survey carried out reveals that homosexuals (lesbians and gays) like to keep their sexual orientation to themselves since they feel intimidated at the thought of victimization, they are an easy prey (Mason, 1996). In the unlikely event that victims demonstrate or retaliate against oppression their efforts are met by violence and destruction from their enemies. Thus they prefer to keep their calm.

Hate crime like other crimes, is triggered by quite a large number of emotions. However unlike other crimes, it begins with the arousal of the emotions based on bias and directs them towards a minority group. Also prejudices play quite a remarkable role in fueling crime based on hate.

Assumptions made by the perpetrators regarding the difference the minorities have may not reflect the truth. In other cases the assumptions may be true but exaggerated in a manner that portrays the difference as a threat to other society members (Neil and Jon, 2009).

In our case, Steve fears for his ethnic group as he assumes that with power comes the right to discriminate others in terms of sharing of resources and opportunities. However much this could be true it does not cause danger to the society since there are rules and regulations put in place to regulate equal distribution of resources and opportunities.

The effect of hate crime is manifested both physically and physiologically (Neil and Jon, 2009). In our case, destruction of property and loss of lives characterizes the phenomenon. As a result this affects a states’ economy negatively as it robs a nation off its human resource.

Besides, the cost of fixing the destroyed property is quite expensive and the two feuding parties can hardly work together. From the psychological perspective victims are left overwhelmed with emotions of anger for their loss, fear in the likely event of the violence recurring and depression as a result of their hopelessness.

It is human nature when one protects his own kind whenever problems appear. Better yet, there is tendency to find a scapegoat to avert the problem. However much the problem of hate crime may seem to prevail it can be controlled through the laws that have been put in place.

For instance, “the local law enforcement hate crimes prevention act”, which gives the judiciary the mandate to convict these kinds of crime (Human Rights Campaign, 2007). Victims of such violence are advised to take action by seeking justice through the right channels so that perpetrators can be dealt with accordingly.

Besides, anyone having the fear of victimization has the mandate to protect himself and others of his kind. It is upon him to ensure that he is safe by avoiding isolated areas so that in the event of an attack he can at least seek help easily from other public members. Also it is important for him to be aware of his immediate environment in terms of who the neighbors are and whether they have anything against him and his kind.

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