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There is a new legislation that has been passed recently by the Canadian government, which effect gun control towards the Canadian people. This new legislation is almost taking guns away from honest citizens of this country, and do that is to take away the Canadian way of life. It hardly affects dishonorable people in the criminal system, most of it affects law biding citizens, for example; hunters, target shooters, and other sportsman gun users.
It is not only the people that are being considered potential criminals or discriminated for that matter, the police that are supposed to enforce these new laws for the new legislation also appose. There must be something wrong with the system if the ones that are supposed to enforce the laws are against it. One reason why they appose it is like in other issues "cost" like stated above they are wasted millionsof tax payer's money on this new legislation. With the cost it means less money for them as a department and therefore they would have to be doing drastic cut back, for example the laying of officers and the office workers. The system that they have set up that holds all the information about the gun owners, this database will be riddled with errors, these errors could actually result in the false prosecution of an individual.Millions of guns will not be registered, and there isn't anything they can do about it, because they can't go knocking everyone's door asking if they have a gun, and whether or not it is registered and if they did the government would have to pay people to do it, because not too many people work for free. The government is alienating millions of honest citizens, who are just like anyone other tax payer, and should be treated as that.
As the new legislation has been passed there are always going to be people that won't register like they are "supposed" to. All firearms owned prior to December 1, 1998 are required t…