I my computer science undergraduate degree this December

I typed so furiously my roommate thought my fingers had become infected with a strange disease. When he asked what I was working on with such intensity, I told him that I was placing the finishing touches on my senior project. I didn’t want to tell him that I had also vowed to help my company restructure their database for Internet sales and that I had to leave for work in a few hours. Taking on several projects at once is one of my trademarks, something I do out of sheer enjoyment for the love and thrill of programming. Plus, I always finish my work on time. My senior project, which was about building online sales assistance systems using CWAdvisor
and Internet Voice, turned out to be a success according to my instructors; their positive feedback further spurned my desire to take my career one giant step forward and apply to graduate school.
Although I gravitate toward and therefore specialize in Internet sales-based systems creation and engineering, I have also worked in ancillary related fields. In fact, my Associate’s Degree was earned in the field of electrical engineering, which gave me a fundamental and fascinating foundation in computer hardware before working for the company I have been with for the past five years. As a software production engineer, I have been truly able to hone my skills and directly apply what I was learning. I
excelled at work and at school, as simultaneously I attended a Bachelor’s program in computer science. I will receive my computer science undergraduate degree this December and hope to immediately enter graduate school the following spring, in the year 2005. Because of the seamless integration of my undergraduate career with my long-term professional in the software developing industry, I am uniquely situated to excel at graduate studies immediately. Furthermore, my motivation and match my experience.
Few classes in my field of choice give me problems, but for some reason, I never quite ap…