On ESL students how, why, and what

On September 22nd, 2004, all of the 3rd period Transition English students went to the ESL class on period 3. We went to ESL class because that we needed to teach them what a portfolio is and what they should do when they are doing a portfolio. At that time, I found out that my English is become better and better than the time when I arrived to the U.S. at March, 2004. I was really happy for it. And because of my English is better, so I could help and teach the new ESL students how, why, and what they should do their portfolio.
At the begging of the period, I went into the Transition English classroom having roll. Then my Transition English teacher Mrs. Snyder took our Transition English students to go into ESL classroom. After we went in, ESL students introduced themselves. For sure, we introduced ourselves after them. Then, ESL teacher Miss Livingston got ESL students into groups with our Transition English students.
After we got in groups, we began the conversation about portfolio. In my group, there are three ESL students and three Transition English students. However, I wanted to show those new students my portfolio but I could not. Because my portfolio was in Taiwan, so I borrowed anther person’s portfolio to show the ESL students how and what they need to do for the portfolio.
When I explained and talked with them, I found out that my English become better than the time I just arrived here. So it made me feel happy and proud of myself. So I told them that they might need to do their portfolio as hard as they can, because they will have a memory of the time they arrived here and how they did learn English and how much do they change. I hope they can accept those advices and do their best work.