Globally research programs is simple that just to

Globally healthcare and engineering courses have improved and modified over the years. These modifications are results of the feedback from the students, medical practitioners and staff.

Research no doubt, always provides students a better understanding of literature. Research improves treatments and services so that it may not only prove beneficial for you, but also could provide benefits to future generations. Research, in many ways helps to develop new tests for diagnosis and treatments of diseases that could ultimately provide comfort your next generation.

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Even people may get access to treatments those are not yet completely available to the public.

By taking part in research, you are playing an active role in your own development, health care and progress of nation. This can be very authorizing and can offer you a more positive outlook on any health issues.

People take part in research with many motives. Some of them take part just for personal benefits while others ponder how it will provide assistance others. Whatever your thinking, you can get involved in research in Pakistan in better ways so that together we all can make things better for everyone in the world.

Opportunities of Research in Medical Field in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program holds an innovative personalized curriculum which is highly designed just to meet the healthcare needs. There are many research institutes we found whose quality of modules matches the best offered research in medical anywhere in the world.

Now I sketch the criteria of research before you.

The starting of the fourth year of MBBS brings a hustle and the excitement because the final year of medical is around the corner. At that year, a lot of medical institutes offer research programs.

The idea of that research programs is simple that just to promote reasoning, knowledge and curiosity of discovering something new among medical learners.

The total budget of Pakistan Medical Research Council (PMRC) has been improved 2.5 times from 2007 to 2008 and 2011 to 2012 as well as the number of health research publications has been increased 7.5 times within 10 years from 2001 to 2011as shown in fig 1.









Figure 1

List of Medical Institutes Offering Research Facility

Centre for Research in Molecular Medicine (CRIMM), University of Lahore

Directorate of Veterinary Research Institute

Ace Institute of Health Sciences

King Edward Medical University

Nawaz Sharif Kidney Hospital Swat

National Institute of Health

Pakistan Health Research Council

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre