Geo interference treaty. This treaty has 5 main

Geo political
relation between India and china


for choosing this topic

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The main
motivating factors for choosing this topic are several some of them are
mentioned below

1.    Curiosity in the subject

2.    Lack of knowledge of china

3.    Lack of knowledge of trade relations
with China

4.    Curiosity to learn more about the
border disputes

5.    Curiosity to learn more about the bilateral
relation between Pakistan and China

I am hoping to learn more about the importance of geopolitical
relations especially between two countries with a lot of significance.

I am also wanting to understand the reasons for the border


and nature


The origin of Geo-Political relation between India and China started
in the second century BC through the “Silk
Road” the silk road played a vital role as historical network of trade
routes started by the Han Dynasty.

This led to India and china prospering in trade between each
other since ancient times. Silk road also played an important role in the spread
of Buddhism as well as certain Chinese cultures in India.

Both china and India had signed a “Panchsheel Treaty” which is a non- interference treaty. This treaty
has 5 main principles which both the parties involved should adhere by

1.    Mutual
respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

2.    Mutual

3.    Mutual
non-interference in each other’s internal affairs.

4.    Equality
and cooperation for mutual benefit.

5.    Peaceful




China as the longest land border in the world, with 22,000 km
border shared with 14 different countries, North Korea, Russia, India, Nepal
just to name a few.

China’s quest for national security and then expansion has
bought the country right to the battel field. It is important to note that not
all border disputes are about demarcation of the line itself, it could have to
do with resource extraction, trade or exported labor etc.