Genius bad for you and that’s not true

Genius Hour MS. RabjohnHow Video Games Can Change Our LivesBy SimonINTRODUCTIONVideo games are a way to entertain yourself or just something that calms you down when you’re sad. The first ever video games were created in 1958 and over the years video games have evolved making them more entertaining and convenient you can now play arcade games or with your friends, other people from all across the globe in the comfort of your house but How can video games change our lives?Video game are fun and sometimes addicting and some scientist say that games can actually good for your hand-eye-coordination and much more but, to much of screen time can be bad for you and instead of sleeping some gamers actually play games which decreases sleeping time. Not all gamers receive some of the pros and cons listed below but these are just the things that you can get if you choose to play video games. Pros of video gamesResearchers believe Video games can actually be good for you if you only play it for a short period of time. the researchers found that playing video games for one hour per week was associated with better motor skills and higher school achievement scores, but no further benefits were observed in children playing more than two hours each week. (  Everyone says that Video games are bad for you and that’s not true because when you play video games your Hand-eye-coordination will be better your problem-solving skills will also increase because whenever you start a new game or a new game mode you have to learn the controls. Playing video games is better than watching tv because you’re actually using your brain not just sitting on a couch Research to date suggests that playing video games can change the brain regions responsible for attention and visuospatial skills and make them more efficient. ( of video gamesPlaying video games may be good for you but it might also come with a side effect and that is what this paragraph will be about.Researchers found that children who had more than two hours of screen time per day were twice as likely to have trouble paying attention ( you play you look at a screen for a long time your eyesight will decrease this will not happen to all gamers but some people will get glasses after a year or more of playing games. Some players barely go outside because they are so into the game and this leads to another con which is a lack of vitamin D since you get Vitamin D from the sun you have to go outside Vitamin D, of course, is commonly absorbed from exposure to sunlight.  Unfortunately, being holed up in front of video games system does not afford the same exposure to sunlight as, say, being outside.( conclusion, Video games are just like simple board games only you don’t have to clean up once you’re done so it is way more convenient. From 1958-2018, 60 years of game development. There is a lot of change from the first video game tennis(1958 ) to the latest game(Bridge Construction portal(2017). I feel like Video games are just a thing to go to when your bored or you have nothing to do, that’s why so many people like video games.