From would have when perceiving the world. Theology,

From conversations that I have had in the past regarding Theology, most people have stated that they think of “the study of.” After researching the definition of Theology, that is literally what it is. However, when thinking of the word Theology my thoughts become much deeper than that. I think of preconceived beliefs and ideas that one would have when perceiving the world. Theology, to me, is not only the study of the nature of God, but it is also entails the affect of how we view the world around us. When thinking of Theology, I also think of the beginning or origin of Christianity. This brings one of my favorite versus to mind, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End,” (Revelation 22:13). Although I have not studied Theology or gave a lot of thought on the matter, I am very excited to learn exactly how it impacts my way of thinking and affects my relationship with God. I feel as if I were to know more about the derivation of God, then it would make my relationship with Him stronger which is why I cannot wait to see what I take away from this class.

What experience have you had in your past with the study of theology?

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            As I sit here and ponder, I cannot think of a specific experience that I have had regarding Theology. I went to a public school prior to attending a Christian college, and during high school I did not go to church as often as I would have liked to. Therefore, I was not exposed to the thought or idea of Theology. Currently, I am a junior and have honestly procrastinated with taking this course simply because I know next to nothing about Theology. With that being said, I am very eager to explore a new learning experience regarding my religion. Because I will be taking the course and learning about Theology so late in age, I do not necessarily think my views and opinions will change. However, I am in hopes that it will broaden my horizons with my way of thinking. I am highly looking forward to being able to have discussions with people at my church and in everyday life about my learnings during this eight-week course. My goal during this course is to be able to answer this question confidently and knowledgably as well as apply to everyday situations during my life. “An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge,” (Proverbs 18:15).

Besides a passing grade, what do you hope to take away from this course over the next 8 modules/weeks?

            In addition to a passing grade, I hope to take away not only a better understand of what Theology is but also how can apply my learnings to everyday life. I am also looking forward to seeing how it will enhance my religious views and opinions. I am also thrilled to build a connection between God and Theology and learn about the origin of The Lord. When going to church, I am hoping I can apply what I learned from this course in conversations with my fellow churchmates regarding my faith, beliefs, and knowledge. That to me is the biggest take away. Currently, when I go to church I rarely talk much due to me not knowing exactly what to say or because I am not sure how to connect some things. Therefore, I am hoping by writing essays and building my education/knowledge will help me be able to have discussions with my preacher about what my faith and beliefs truly are. In the future, either after this course or after college, I want to be able to be spiritual role models for not only my daughter but also my friends and family. I want them to look up to me and remember me as one who is knowledgeable and educated in my faith and beliefs.