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A country may describe itself as having a market, command, or traditional economywhen really they have a mix of all three.France is a good example of a country with all three of these economic systems.The government controls a lot of things about the economy.Many people also control parts of the economy.French people are also traditional in some of the ways that they run the economy.
The French government has a major influence in the economy in France.The government retains considerable influence over key segments of the economy including the majority of the ownership of railways, electricity, aircraft, telecommunication firms, public transportation and the defense industry.This makes the French government like a command economic system where the government owns all the companies.The government also encourages economic equity by not cutting unemployment and retirement benefits which impose a heavy tax burden.This would disproportionately benefit the rich and the leaders of France are dedicated to maintain equity.This makes the government seem even more like a command system since under a command system everyone gets paid about the same amount of money and no one can get economically ahead of others.This also resembles a command economic system.
However, the French government is also a lot like a market economic system.The government has been decreasing its control over a lot of sectors they once owned since the 1990's.The government is slowly selling off holdings in France Telecom, in Air France, and in the insurance and, banking. There is also private ownership of business'.this resembles a market economy where there is private ownership of all the business'.There is also a high unemployment rate because in market economies there is uncertainty to who does which jobs.This shows the market side of Frances economy.
France also has its part of a traditional economi