Why changed the way the do and say

Why do the French take so much pride in their culture?
• French people work to preserve their culture.One way they do this is by making sure that their language is spoken correctly.They have an organization called the French Academy that updates the French dictionaries.
• Other cultures affect France.You can tell this from some of the words that are used in France, such as sandwich, weekend, toast and parking.The French people want to make sure that their culture does not get lost because so many other countries have changed the way the do and say things.
• The French are proud of their culture.They are known for baking elaborate desserts like cakes that look like buildings or monuments and puddings that look like birds or flowers.
• They are also famous for their French cooking and many cookbooks have been written with French recipes.
• Some of the most famous fashion designers came from France, like Christian Dior and many others.France is very popular for their fashions.
• French cooking and fashions are only two examples of how France has influenced the world's culture.They also are known for their poets, philosophers, painters, politicians and wines.
Why do the French hold on to tradition?
• French people believe that their traditions are very important.They are very concerned that their traditions will disappear because of immigration of other people from Algeria, Senegal, Vietnam and other French colonies.
• The French government wants to protect the French language so they passed a law that will not allow certain foreign words to be used in advertisements, business and education.
• They also wanted to protect French citizenship.They passed a law that does not allow children born in France to parents born in other countries to be French citizens.