*If *The Jardin de Luxemburg was a famous

*If I had an opportunity to go anywhere I desired, it would absolutely be France. It has beautiful sites to view, exotic foods, and new experiences. They have wonderful gardens located there, for instance the Jardin de Luxemburg. She also has exquisite structures like The Eiffel Tower, Arch de Triumph and the infamous nightclub, Moulin Rouge.
*What I also admire about this fabulous country is the stunning landscape. She has rolling hills, dazzling gardens, and eye-catching rivers. One of the most legendary places in France is the French Riviera. The Eiffel Tower is one of the many sites to see in France. Gustave Alexander Eiffel built this structure in 1888 for the world fair. It took 7000 tons of iron to build it.
*The Jardin de Luxemburg was a famous place for artists, such as Pablo Picasso, to get inspiration for their paintings. In the 1920's this was a feeding ground for starving artists. Versailles Vision is also another spectacular scene. King Louis XIV had this built in the early 1660's during his reign. An additional reason why I would go here is that Paris is known as the fashion capital. France is also famous for Euro Disney. This opened in April of 1992.
*All in all I believe that France would be a satisfying vacation for me and other people to visit. It has astonishing views and amazing people. Though the streets may be crowded and traffic is a little on the slow side, it only makes France a more wonderful place to be. With all the superb places to observe this vacation will be overflowing with bundles of enjoyment.
5. Statue of Liberty -Given to US from France
6. France is a Republic -no king or queen
8. Hot air balloon wasfirst flown in France
9. France was part of the Industrial War