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Forsaken Fields gave a lot history on Japanese-Americans from before,
during and after World War II. The Japanese-Americans had the Alien Land Law
which was put in force before the war. This law prohibited the Japanese who just
arrived from Japan from becoming citizens which enabled them from owning land.
The Japanese-Americans were smart and they found loopholes in this law. If you
are born in America you are an American citizen, so Japanese would purchase
there land in there children name who were American citizens. The Alien Land
Law was just the start of the Japanese- Americans trouble in America. They came
to America for the American dream, but all they got was hostility and anger.
People want to come to America to work hard, and earn a life for them self and
there family. I think most people who were born and raised in America take for
granted the freedom we have. Americans are generally lazy people. Americans
don't see that same freedom, and the American dream that foreigners visualize. I
think it is sad that these Japanese- Americans came so far in search of a great
place, and were treated so poorly. Even before the War; Japanese-Americans had
a hard time finding someone who would sell them land, or equipment to run the
land. A lot of Americans were concerned that Japanese were going to make more
money then them ,or run better crops. Japanese-Americans did make good
money enough to finance there families. By 1910 Japanese-Americans owned
numerous crops like potatoes, rice, strawberries. Japanese- Americans had a
great respect for land. They even found many new ways to aline crops to utilize
the most space possible. They thought their children all about farming, and gave
them knowledge of all the different types of plants. Most children before the war
would look forward to growing up and becoming a farmer like there parents.
During World War II Japanese were thought…