In are good enough reasons to move

In the Bosnian culture it is very common to see new couples moving in with the husband's parents after they marry.Usually the husband is already living with his parents because it's rare that any of them move out until after they marry.The reason many couples make these choices is because of respect for their families, shortage of money, and the need for emotional support.
New couples move in with the husband's parents because it shows a sign of respect for the husband's parents from the bride's position.It is common that the parents have to give approval of marriage, so to thank tem the bride moves in to their home.At that point the bride completes most of the work around the house and starts learning to cook unless she already learned it at home.This shows the parents that she is ready to take are of their son and after that usually the husband's parents help them out monetarily to building a home of their own.
Another reason the new couple moves in with the husband's parents is the shortage of money.Since you rarely see any students work while they are going to school, logically once they graduate from a university they don't have much saved up.Most couples marry soon after graduation.The easiest decision seems to be just to move in with the husband's parents and try to save up as much as possible.Usually the couple lives about two to three years with their parents before moving out.At that point they have a decent amount saved up and in most cases the family helps them out financially as well.
While the respect and lack of money are good enough reasons to move in with them, the main reason is for emotional support.Many say that thefirst few months and years are the toughest in marriage.This way there is family for you to point you in the right direction, teach you the basic values of marriage and to help you solve any problems that you might encounter