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For people to understand the importance of having privacy online, they must understand the idea of privacy and why is it valued. There seems to be a large number of people that assume ” If I’m not doing anything wrong, there’s nothing for me to hide.” Well, the truth is that no matter what we do which can be either right or wrong, we have the right to our privacy. In today society, the government is invading people privacy and some people don’t see it as a problem. But the thing is that they should because lack of privacy also means less security. It doesn’t matter if someone has nothing to hide, everybody has the right to their privacy because it is a way of freedom of expression. So before people should think about dismissing the idea of having no privacy online, they should have a better understanding of privacy and secrecy.   In the essay ” Why Privacy Matters Even If You Have Nothing to Hide” by professor Daniel J, he argues that in today society, there is an issue with privacy and it affects us more than just hiding a bad behavior. He explains in details how the ‘nothing to hide argument’ is based on deception and does not do any good for anybody.  People don’t really have nothing to hide nowadays, the government has a way of watching every move an individual.  People may not know about it or think it’s a big deal, but when it comes to privacy there’s now a lack of it because the government can have easy access to your information online without your knowledge or consent. Since privacy is now known to be a difficult thing to achieve in this society, it tends to be very sacred and seldom.  For example, Solove stated, ” Privacy, however, is too complex a concept to be reduced in a singular essence ( Solove 321).” In other words, privacy involves a lot of more than just illegal acts being committed and the fear of that information being leaked and used against the individual.  For example also people’s information such as emails, messages to friends and families and even their creative thoughts that are recorded in their database on handheld device or computers. As some people have stated if they have nothing to hide it doesn’t matter. With this mindset, they are saying that they are comfortable with the knowledge that the government has access to their information and the things that they do online.  Furthermore, Solove stated ” Some may argue, the private interest is minimal, and the security interest in preventing terrorism is much more important.  (Solove 319)  They also believe that the government have little interest in them and is only looking for any online activity that might cause harm to others.  But from this mindset, they also need to know that lack of privacy on the internet means giving the government more control and power over you. Privacy is more about having secrets and hiding dark shadows.