For not comprehend on how these philosophies can

For thousands of years acupuncture has been used as a
traditional medicine in Asian countries. Its followers reveal that can relieve
pain and brings sense of wellness. Others believe that acupuncture does not cure
chronic pain and it is all psychological. However a recent study “A randomized
trial comparing acupuncture, stimulated acupuncture, and usual care for chronic
low back pain.” has discovered that people can perceive different views in
regards the meaning of acupuncture.   


The concept of acupuncture is to stimulate specific nerve points
in the human body. The techniques can vary depending in the condition, but the
most common type of acupuncture known here in the United States is the insertion
of needles. It is known that about 3 million people nationwide practice
acupuncture annually. According to traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture is
known to part of the traditional medicine group.

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In traditional Chinese medicine they believe the human
body has a gentle equilibrium of two different and close forces also known as
the ying and yang. Ying symbolizes the cold, passive, and slow principle. Yang
represents the opposite which is hot, active, and excited principle. Traditional
medicine believes that if using these two principles the wellbeing of human
health will be achieved but balancing them.


Other people believe that diseases derive from imbalance
energy that can lead to an obstruction in the flow of “qi”. Qi is the fundamental
energy that regulates emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health.  In this case, acupuncture is meant to
eliminate any obstructions in the qi, and reestablish good health.


Many researchers still do not comprehend on how these philosophies
can explain the understanding of our Western Medicine.  However, the truth is that clever studies have
proven and discovered that acupuncture is beneficial with some conditions like
back pain, headaches, knee pain, and osteoarthritis. According to the article it
was clear that many participants did well when receiving acupuncture treatment
than usual care.


I think researchers did an amazing job explaining and
comparing the benefits of acupuncture in chronic low back pain. Clinical
experiments utilize treatment groups that consist of people who obtain a shammed
treatment also known as placebo. Placebo is an experiment substitute that is
likely to have no effect. Some placebos could be in a type of saline dose or
sugar pill, giving the researchers to evaluate the treatment with. Yet creating
a placebo to research acupuncture is more complicated.


Dr. Karen J. Sherman stated “I don’t really think you can
come up with a great placebo needling”.  In this case, the researchers used toothpicks
to compared inserted needles by pressing the toothpick on the acupuncture
pressure points, and concluded that the treatment is successful. However, Dr.
Sherman questioned whether or not acupuncture can control the human body. The
thing is that several traditional acupuncturists do consider acupuncture a
genuine medical treatment. The main idea in their opinion is to target the
right point and not essentially on how deep you place the needle.


        An alternative use for a placebo would
be to use it in a different location, but Dr. Sherman stated that it wouldn’t work
because acupuncturists use needle tender points to treat pain. Dr. Sherman also
stated that there no place in the human back, if you are suffering from low back
pain plus she thinks  there is no great


is a lot more than just needles. Acupuncturists will also advice their patients
to also follow a balance and nutritional diet along with exercise. Also, on
helping the patient to be engaged with their health and education the patient
in regards of complementary and alternative health. In the study it was proved that
acupuncture can be use a pain management method.


think this study contributes a lot of knowledgeable information in regard
comprehensive and alternative medicine. The introduction of the article begins
by stating “Americans spend at least $37 billion annually on medical care of
back pain” (Cherkin et al., 2009) which in reality the statement is true
because people suffering from back pain are refer to pain management doctors
that prescribe pain medications such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, or other epidural
injections to ease the pain, of which many times are not covered by health
insurance companies unless is medical necessary or putting the life of the patient
at risk.


conclusion, it is proven acupuncture treatments can benefit people suffering
from chronic low back pain. However, the researchers would need to conduct
further research to determine and compare the influence of acupuncture with
psychological effects since it was not clearly of any effect. The results were clear
on how effective CAM is to treat conditions.