Bluebeard from him.” It is fascinating because

Bluebeard is strikingly an interesting fairy tale with elements of life that everyone particularly the young yearn to get and own. The following quote is particularly interesting:”But this man was so unlucky as to have a blue beard, which made him so frightfully ugly that all the women and girls ran away from him.” It is fascinating because even though Bluebeard was wealthy and had life trappings that could endear him to any woman, all women and girls could not stand the thoughts of marrying an ugly rich man with a blue beard.

Amusingly it shows that riches alone without physical attractiveness can put off women and girls from a man of great means and wealth. It is interesting that women and girls read more about the even uglier inner side of the murderous wealthy man. Through the blue beard, their intuitions rightly enabled them to see beyond the tempting wealth of this loveless and evil man.

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Interestingly, affluence has its way always because Bluebeard managed to win affection of many ladies including Anne’s sister who was coincidentally rescued from the deadly sword of his husband by her brothers who came at the right moment.

This fairy tale shows that the evil can get away with their wicked deeds for some time but they surely pay dearly for their wicked ways when the right time comes. Bluebeard had killed many innocent women and girls and was not remorseful for it even for a single moment. He always went unpunished but when the right time for what is done secretly in darkness to be exposed he surely died by the same sword that he had used to murder many without cause.

How this Fairy Tale Resonates in my Life

This fairy tale reflects how material possessions can mislead us in to intimate engagements, as well as, business dealings with utterly dangerous people. It also shows how dangerous it can be to make important life decisions with haste. For instance, in real life it can particularly be tragic to make decisions about life commitments like marriage quickly.

Anne’s sister quick change of heart regarding the personality and character of Bluebeard because of the one and only good treatment they received from him together with her friends and acquaintances almost cost her life. She was only lucky that on the fateful day when she would have died in the hands of her treacherous husband their brothers arrived at the right time.

In real life we should always take our time when we are making important decisions rest we put ourselves into regretful dangers because of our haste. We should not disregard our natural feelings regarding a person or an issue all over sudden before ensuring that our previous attitude about someone or an issue was absolutely misguided. We should embrace a slow-but-sure attitude when making important life decisions or risk our lives irreversibly.

Even though we are naturally curious beings by virtue of the fact that our minds have the ability to process information, it is important to exercise some control up on our curiosity in some situations. Anne’s sister would have held up her curiosity for instance given the way her husband warned her against opening the small closet in the ground floor.

She would have taken her time to find out what was inside that closet using other means and thereby safe herself from the wrath of her husband that left her almost dead. Generally, we should guard our curiosity because as the wise said curiosity killed the cat.