Folk and fairy tales are stories which have to do with everyday and may include magic and fantasy. This tales often have hidden morals that we can apply in our lives. “Sleeping Beauty” is one of the classical fairy tales that I have read and enjoyed.

In this paper, I shall provide a brief discussion following my reading of the fairy tale. Particularly, I shall elaborate on a quote from “Sleeping Beauty” that I found particularly interesting. In addition to this, I will discuss how this story resonates in my life.

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Quote that Interested me

The quotation that I find particularly interesting from “Sleeping Beauty” is “The king, to avoid the misfortune foretold by the old fairy, caused immediately proclamation to be made, whereby everybody was forbidden, on pain of death, to spin with a distaff and spindle, or to have so much as any spindle in their houses” (Perrault).

I find it interesting the King was willing to take the gifts from the seven fairies and yet expect that he could cheat fate and avoid the curse by the old fairy. Since the gifts by the seven fairies were realized in the princesses’ life, it would stand to reason that the “gift” by the old fairy would also be inevitable.

Another thing that I find interesting in this quote is that the king went into the trouble of having all spindles destroyed and yet failed to tell the princess of the curse placed upon her. It is conceivable that the princess would have avoided her fate had she been informed about the curse place upon her by the old fairy.

How the Tale Resonates in my Life

One of the notions that resonate in my life from this fairy tale is the concept of good triumphing over evil. In the tale, the princesses had her detractors who wished her unhappiness.

While the seven fairies wished the princess well and bestowed upon her magnificent gifts, the old fairy wished her ill. After her marriage to the prince, the princess and her children were still troubled by the prince’s mother who sought to eat them.

Even so, the princess managed to overcome evil and emerge triumphant. In my life as well, there are people who wish me well and those who wish me ill. While those who wish me ill may scheme against me and appear to succeed in their mission, they mostly end up failing for I emerge victories such like Sleeping Beauty.

Another moral that I relate with from the tale is that adversity brings about success. In “sleeping Beauty”, the princess was able to meet with her handsome prince whom she was destined to marry after the curse was lifted. I can relate to this since according to me, every unpleasant experience that I experience only draws me closer to achieving real success in my life.


While “Sleeping Beauty” is a classical tale written long time ago, it still continues to interest people to date. The tale also contains morals and aspects that resonate with our lives.

In this essay, I have highlighted the quote from “Sleeping Beauty” which interested me the most and illustrated why I found it interesting. I have also highlighted how the concept of good triumphing over evil, which is contained in the fairy tale, resonates with me.

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