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Fleas are a miserable thing to experience, not just for the pet who has them but for the humans in the shared home as well. Flea bites are small and red and incredibly itchy. They can last for up to two weeks at a time. In this article, we will offer information on home remedies for flea bites.Our list of home remedies for flea bites will offer step-by-step guides on getting rid of those bites once and for all.1. Apple Cider VinegarApple cider vinegar is a household item that most people already own. It has been used medicinally for over 2,000 years due to its antiseptic nature. This means that not only will it stop the itch, it will also clean the bite itself. Its acidic nature creates an environment where bacteria and other impurities are unable to thrive.Necessary ItemsDirectionsPour the apple cider vinegar into a bowl.Use a cotton ball or swab to dip into the bowl.Apply the substance directly to the skin. Be sure to cover the affected area completely.Be extra careful not to get any of it in your eyes.2. Tea Tree OilTea tree oil is a powerful antifungal and disinfectant. This means that your bite will not only no longer be itchy; it will no longer be dirty and at risk for infection, either. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for when the bites are big, fresh and red.Necessary ItemsDirectionsAdd the tea tree oil into a dish.Take a Q-tip and dunk it into the bowl of tea tree oil.Put the tea tree oil directly onto the skin. You’ll need to cover the bitten area generously for best results.Be mindful not to get any of the tea tree oil in your eyes.3. Tea BagTea features a compound called tannins. These are astringents which can dry out the fluid in the puffy skin around the bite, especially good for inflamed flea bites. It is the same compound that helps with puffy eyes. The coolness of the bag as it sits is going to be soothing as well.Necessary ItemsDirectionsClean the bite.Dampen a tea bag with warm water.Use medical or scotch tape and secure the tea bag to the bite.Make sure that it is covering the bites as best as you can.Repeat this process as often as you need to.Continue this process for one week until the bite has gone down.READ ALSO:   15 Home Remedies for Dog’s Bad Breath4. Ice PackIce can help the inflammation of the bite. With inflammation reduced, it will be less painful and you will feel less likely to want to scratch at it. The ice pack will also provide a numbing effect so that you won’t really feel the bite at all.Necessary ItemsIce pack or ice in a ziploc baggieDirectionsMake an ice pack by taking ice cubes and putting them into a plastic bag.Press the ice pack to the side of your face that is painful.Try to ice it for 15 minutes at a time.Remove the ice pack and let your face sit on its own for 15 minutes.Repeat this process until the pain goes away.5. PeppermintPeppermint is a naturally soothing herb. It is packed full of menthol which offers a cool, soothing property. Peppermint leaves can be found in any health food store and in the herb section of a grocery store. They are easy to find and cheap to purchase.Necessary ItemsDirectionsClean the affected area.Get some leaves together.Use medical or scotch tape and secure the peppermint leaves to the bite.Repeat this step once every 12 hours or so.Continue this process for one week until the bite has gone down.6. Baking SodaBaking soda is a great way to neutralize the burn and itch of flea bites. This is a common household object, so it should cost you next to nothing to get this treatment. You can make a thick paste out of it and apply it to each individual bite to stop the itch.Necessary ItemsDirectionsPut water together with a little bit of baking soda.Mix it in a small bowl.Apply the paste to the area that is bitten with a cotton swab or some other similar tool.Let it sit on the area for as long as it takes to make the pain go away.7. Warm ShowersOptional ItemsWarm showers are another way to stop the itch. You want to be sure that the shower is warm and not hot, though; hot water might make the itching worse as soon as your skin is at a normal temperature again.READ ALSO:   Home Remedies for Dry EyesYou can use some mild soap on the flea bites to further soothe them. Once you have gotten out of the shower, you can put on some mild lotion to help as well. Even better would be some anti-itch or anti-allergen lotion.8. Aloe Vera Aloe vera, which is most commonly associated with burns, can be used to soothe any kind of inflamed or pained skin. Aloe comes in the form of a gel in a bottle or straight off of the plant.Necessary ItemsDirectionsUsing aloe vera gel or the plant, squeeze out some of the gel.Take a cotton swab and put some on it.Apply it directly to the bites to soothe it.9. Rubbing AlcoholRubbing alcohol is an astringent; it will dry out the bites and help stop the itch that way. This could also help them to heal more quickly since there will be less moisture in the bite. Necessary ItemsDirectionsPour some rubbing alcohol into a bowl.Use a Q-tip to collect some of the rubbing alcohol.Apply the rubbing alcohol right to the bites. Cover the affected area generously for best results.Be careful not to get any of the rubbing alcohol in your eyes.10. Witch HazelWitch hazel is also an astringent. This is great for treating flea bites because it eases the inflammation and the itching along with the redness that comes from a flea bite. Cats and dogs are said to be able to have their flea bites cured with witch hazel as well.Necessary ItemsDirectionsPut witch hazel in a bowl.Place some of the oil on a cotton swab.Dab the bitten area generously to stop the sting.11. White VinegarWhite vinegar is a highly acidic liquid. It can dry out the bites and help resolve the itching and inflammation. Most people have white vinegar in their homes already. This makes for a virtually free home remedy for flea bites.Necessary ItemsDirectionsPut the white vinegar into a bowl.Use a cotton ball or swab to grab some of the white vinegar.Apply the white vinegar right onto to the cat;s bites. Douse the bites generously for best results.Be mindful not to get any of the white vinegar in your eyes.READ ALSO:   15 Home Remedies for Dry Feet12. OatmealOatmeal is a calming, soothing compound that is used to treat a number of skin issues. This makes it especially useful for irritated skin bites. The oatmeal needs to be plain so that sugars do not irritate the bites and infect them.Necessary ItemsOatmealQ-tip or cotton swab/ballBowlDirectionsMake plain oatmeal like you would normally.Use the paste like substance to apply it generously onto the bitten area.Cover it completely and let it rest for a moment.Rinse it off.13. LemonLemon is able to stop rashes from flea bites from spreading. It also stops the itching right away. It can also stop the redness and the swelling that comes with flea bites. Finally, it can stop any infections from beginning.Necessary ItemsLemonQ-tip or cotton swab/ballBowlDirectionsPour the Lemon into a bowl.Apply the Lemon directly to the skin using a cotton ball or swab.14. Basil and Lavender Essential OilsBasil and lavender oil in combination with one another can stop the itching of flea bites while also stopping the spread of fleas in the home. You can dot this oil in locations with heavy flea infestations or put it on the skin.Necessary ItemsDirectionsMix basil and lavender oil together.Use a q tip to collect some of the mixture.Apply it to the flea bites a few times a day.15. Epsom SaltsEpsom salt is used in baths because it helps soothe the skin. It would make sense that it could help soothe flea bites as well. You can use this salt in small concentrations or take a bath in it.Necessary ItemsDirectionsWarm up some water.Mix in the Epsom salt to form a solution.Dunk a cotton ball into the mixture.Cover the bites generously.ConclusionFlea bites are painful and itchy. Get rid of the bites sooner by taking advantage of the home remedies for flea bites on this list. Did we leave off the home remedy that you prefer? 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