Firstly over whatever that is on the page

Firstly I will be talking about android devices, most android smartphones have a function that lets you multi-task, having 2 or more applications up on the screen at the same time. For example, this could be reading a book online while using Facebook, looking at your notifications or messages from a friend/family/relative or acquaintance. The best part about android smartphones is that it can do more than IOS can do. Android also has voice commands so the user can say something to search on the phone and the AI will listen and search it up for you. The AI can also serve as an alarm and wake you up just like a normal alarm, it can also remind the user of the things they need to do, such as wake up, brush teeth, complete work, send in documents. Just like every normal phone, you can send messages, connect to the internet, browser the internet, and find useful information online. With some android smartphones you can use the phone as a TV remote with extra functions like using the touch screen feature to find channels, you can also favourite/bookmark channels. One of the best features would be that it can help with disabilities such as blindness, they can hover over whatever that is on the page with the mouse curser and the virtual AI with talk and say what you are hovering over. Now the advantages of android would be that it is easy to receive and send messages to people, letting them know about something. You can also download extra widgets that help make using the phone easier for those who do not understand how to use the device. As I mentioned above, multi-tasking is also unique to android so the user can use more than 2 applications at once, side by side. Now the disadvantages, the first would be when the user downloads a free/trial application that is still in the beta phase, which means it is still in testing, the user could have advertisements/ads come up on the screen which would either distract the user or annoy the user since they just want to use the app. Some applications have a feature where the user could purchase “remove ads for £1.69” or purchase the full version to remove it either way. Another disadvantage would be that phones require a charger to stay alive most of the time. This could hurt the user when the phone is at 5% charge and the user has to do something important like typing up a document online or halfway on a video that they are watching. The final disadvantage for android would be that some applications the user downloads could possibly have viruses that could infect the user’s phone, stealing information/personal information from the user through their phone or have constant ads pop up on the screen for no reason.