Findings: safe from neighbouring countries. ü They


ü  Most of the
countries that border the Persian Gulf have vast reserves of crude oil, with monarchs of the Arabian Peninsula in particular benefiting economically
from petroleum exports.

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ü  The term
“Western world” is sometimes interchangeably used with the term First World or developed countries, stressing the difference
between First World and the Third World or developing countries.

ü  It may be
tempting to oversimplify the conflict as a battle of the West against Islam,
just as it is tempting to overstate its origins in the history of Western
intervention and foreign policy.

ü  The West
has supported or installed corrupt rulers in several Arab states.  They
give us control of the oil and in return we keep them in power with arms and

ü  The first time a
Western power got interested in the politics of oil in the Middle East was
toward the end of 1914, when British soldiers landed at Basra, in southern
Iraq, to protect oil supplies from neighbouring Persia.

Red Line Agreement and the involvement of America
in the Middle East.

Categorizing countries as rich oil or les oil,
this is what they value. It is not about human rights or stabilizing the

They sell their products specially weapons to eastern
countries, they also supply lots of heavy weapons to Israel as well in order to
keep it safe from neighbouring countries.

They fight to have access to oil resources in the
middle which is the greatest source of oil in the world.

They do whatever they can to preserve their
interest, take the example sanctions in Iran which is a threat for US.

De-democratization as a strategy to keep the
region stable and manageable, de-democratization of Iran which was made by Dr.

Keep the ruler in their side and have access to
the oil.

ü  Al-Qaeda and its affiliates should not be given
the opportunity to exploit chaos and vacuums of authority to re-establish
footholds in the region.v 
Western world whether it is US , UK, France or
any other one should take into account the benefits of eastern world, don’t
destroy lives of people in this region by the name of human rights, regional
stability which has been a abusive weapon for decades and ruined millions in
the region like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc.v 
Arabic rulers should stop keeping people blind
and focus on education. It is shame for them as their rulers.v 
Countries in the east should not part from each
other and don’t be deceived by lies of west, for that they should work on
similarities of Islam rather than of being as Shia or Sunni which has been a
good hand for use of western powers. For example, Iran should work with Saudi
or Iraq with Iran, together stronger.v 
Oil control should be taken into account as it is
a non-renewable energy, in the long run it can damage the region.v 
They should come together and address their
problem such as Holly land conflict between Palestine and Israel, why Trump?

The only way to ease tension is by Westerners who
should tolerate diversity, renounce superiority, reconsider their double
standards, and recognize Arabs and Muslims as central parts of the social