When obligation to go to college and

When a little child is asked, “what would you like to be when you grow up?” there are so many responses to this question. I remember when I was a little girl and I was asked this question my answer was “I want to be a doctor when I grow up.” That was about 11 years ago. From since then my answer to that question has changed from doctor to computer programmer to physician assistant to finally an accountant. If I were asked that question today my response would be “I want to go to college and get my masters degree in accounting, become an independent young woman, get married and start my own family, and just be happy and successful.”
As the only young woman in my family, a lot is expected from me. This is why it is and obligation to go to college and achieve my goal to become successful. First of all college is the only way that I know where you can become successful in this world. Without some type of degree in your hand, it will be very hard to make it in this world. Today if you really want to get your foot through those doors you better have a master’s degree or better.
I have always been a girl who wants to be in charge. Going to college can give me that advantage in life. As a young girl my mother always said, “Jahniqua, as an African-American especially, in this day and age you have to put your best foot forward in this world if you really want to go high places. If you want to wear all those fancy clothes you see and drive those fancy cars you like then college is the place that you have to go to get that. College is the only place that will get you there and the only thing that will get you respect in this world.” Those words have been like words of wisdom to me. There have been plenty of times when I just wanted to give up but then those words would just appear in front of me like magic and just give me the strength to keep on going. Those words have been like a reality check for me because I think without them I would h…