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Finally, engineers must have The Code of Ethics engraved into their brains as it will help them in every project possible. The Code of Ethics is a guideline that helps engineers understand their roles in public safety, welfare, and the wellbeing of society. 10.7 It is important to document and record everything that has been done, that way the project can always be created or modified many months or years later. Another important fact to keep in mind as an engineer would be to always carry a journal. By always carrying a journal you can write down everything that happens everyday on site, considering most communication that happens in the field of a project is through verbal communication. Keep in mind that using the journal of ideas and communication as a method to self-benefit is against the regulations. Public safety protects engineering companies as well. Public Safety departments have been running efficiently for many years due to many things such as the reports written by the engineers. These reports are important because they document 10.5 a clear description of the drawings, blueprints, photographs, documents and other materials. As an engineer, communication with a client is very important, 10.2 making sure they understand all the fees and expenses, knowing whom to contact. A final but crucial step that every engineer must be aware of is their due diligence. 10.4 Engineers must take the precautionary steps to insure that any other parties involved in the project will not be impacted if an issue arises in the project. 10.6 Engineers are filled with ideas and clients could always use help in finding a better way to build their projects. Knowing how to give a professional opinion can possibly change the course and outcome of the project into something much more beneficial for the environment and for the client as well. 10.6 ” It is important to know that a professional opinion must be written in letter and handed to the client, even if a oral professional opinion is given, it will need to be written and sent on a memo or e-mail afterwards.” In conclusion, engineers must fully understand their Code of Ethics in order to have a positive impact on the public safety and welfare. It is important to follow the steps such as strong communication, knowledge on following procedure and physically enforcing the definitions of safety, and welfare. Ensuring the security, protection, and wellbeing of the public. Engineers are the backbone to a nation’s functionalism, and that must be held with great responsibility. Engineers must follow their obligations, all listed in their Code of Ethics. The road to becoming an accomplished engineer is to follow your due diligence, build on your skills, and be honest and passionate in what you do. These steps will help build a trust between society and engineers. Public safety and welfare is all one step closer to equality.