THE the Spaniards. This despite the prevailing

Nationalism had been greatly affected by factors that made the Filipinos as helpless and voiceless against their colonizers. These factors are:
1. Lack of Unity among Filipinos due to:
• Divided barangays with their respective chieftains
• The domination and control of Christianity as a religion introduced by the Spaniards. This despite the prevailing religion of the Muslim Filipinos.
• The policy of "divide and rule" of the Spanish government.
• On-going suppression of revolts from other Filipino provinces.
• Lack and poor means of communication among Filipinos
2. The discriminating and unfair educational system established by the Spaniards. This system had aggravated the call for Filipino nationalism as explained below:
A. Almost all colleges and universities founded by the Spaniards were made exclusive only to Spaniards and Spanish mestizos. The doors were closed to Filipinos
B. In most cases, Filipinos got their education from their parents and mostly confined at home.
C. When at the latter part, the schools were opened to Filipinos their treatment from the teachers (Spaniards) were unfair, cruel punishments were made and the methods of teaching were improper.
D. There were more colleges for women opened but only cater to Spanish women.
While in the second half of the 19th Century, universities like the University of Sto. Tomas opened its doors to Filipinos yet only affluent Filipino families can afford to enroll their children in school. Though later on, some nationalist Filipinos began their search for fairness, justice and initiated moves towards Filipino Nationalism.
Filipino Nationalism thereafter, in the early Spanish regime is unheard, unfelt and a thing of subservience by the Filipinos to their cruel masters of tyranny and oppression.