Fast Food, Quick Problem Emergence, Rapid Addiction and Slow Recovery Process

Fast food service is definitely one of the scourges of the modern society. Making people get used to the quick and comfortable way of eating, fast food service offers the unhealthy food and, thus, provokes a number of health complexities.

Because of the growing popularity of the fast food products, the concern for the effect that the fast food meals have on the population is growing increasingly big, yet the solutions for the problems and dangers that fast food chains pose to people’s health have not even yet offered. Consequently, it cannot be denied that the consumption of fast food products is greatly harmful for people’s health and must be given up once and for all.

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It is required to say the specific features of the fast food that makes it incredibly unhealthy meals. According to the recipes used for cooking the fast food meals, the latter are nutritionally imbalanced. The aforementioned presupposes that fast food incorporates a mixture of sugar, fats and sodium, which are refined in such a way so that the consumers were willing to buy more food from the food chains in question.

For instance, in McDonalds, the intake of fats in French fries makes 570; for hamburgers, the calorie intake is 270, and for sandwiches, it makes 470 (A Calorie Counter), which is already a reason for concern.

Speaking of the consequences that the consummation of fast food triggers, one should remember that the fast food meals have negative effect on a variety of organs due to the specific elements that the former is composed of.

Therefore, several effects of the fast food consummation are to be mentioned. Among the worst effects that fast food has on human health, the diseases that concern the blood system and the endocrine system are to be mentioned. It must be admitted, though, that fast food does not seemingly have any effect on the nervous system.

The first and the foremost effect that has to be mentioned is the clogging of the arteries due to the high rates of cholesterol in the fast food. It is important to mention that excessive consumption of fast food can cause hypertension because of the elements that increase blood pressure. In addition, the specific refined sugar that most fast food contains can lead to various forms of diabetes.

It is also essential to explain that due to a great percentage of fats in fast food, people who consume much fast food are likely to become overweight and even obese. Comprised with the effect that fast food has on blood pressure, the above-mentioned factor can lead even to a heart disease and, therefore, to an untimely death. In the light of the above-mentioned, the fact that fast food can drive to premature dedentition seems rather tolerable issue.

Therefore, it is obvious that the consumption of fast food is incredibly harmful for people’s health. Once giving up the addiction to the meals offered by the fast food chain stores, one will, doubtlessly, observe the improvement of his/her state. As a result of the healthier diet and the refusal from eating fast food products, the improvement of one’s health is bound to occur.

Even though the owners of the fast food chains cannot be denied their rights of doing business, the negative effect that the fast food has on people must not be tolerated, which gives the reasons for refusing to consume the fast food products. It is necessary to admit that staying healthy is a sensible reason to stop buying the food that provides fast saturation, yet has the most deplorable effect on people’s health.

Thus, a solution for the consumption of fast food must be offered. Since most of the people who consume fast food are college students, it can be suggested that there should be a cafeteria next to the college, where the students can have the meals that do not include fast food. One of the probable solutions for the problem is offered by the fast-food chain owners themselves and includes the use of soya bean oil, organic meat and vegetables and the minimized quantity of sodium.

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