Fairy version of events, as they faced many


Fairy tales are
essentially a chain of interpretations of folkloric stories that were passed
down through generations. Due to the Disneyfication of these tales over the
past century we mostly associate them with their light heartedness and the
endless morals to be learnt. Whilst they were not completely without these
originally, their humble beginnings as mere folktales depicted a darker and
more adult themed narrative.


The tales of the
Brothers Grimm are an anthology of folktales that were collected by brothers
Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm during their travels around Germany in the early years
of the 19th century.  This was
the era that romanticism had risen and become more prominent, and the Grimm
brothers were advocates of this movement and this showed in their interpretations
of the the stories they had come across.  However, this was not the only thing that had
influenced the Grimm’s’ version of events, as they faced many hardships whilst
growing up including the early death of their father, resulting in Jacob and
Wilhelm assuming adult responsibilities from the age of 10 and 11. They
eventually travelled across Germany for work and steadily gathered a collection
of fables and tales which they then published as Kinder-und Hausmärchen
(Children’s and Household Tales).

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architecture and the areas that surround it play as significant settings in all
fairy tales, not just those by the brothers Grimm. Bewitched castles and enchanted
forests are examples of locations that have been used as foundations for many
of the tales in Kinder-und Hausmärchen. This dissertation will explore how real
and fictional architectural settings and environments are used to propel a
narrative, as well as investigating into the architecture of narrative in fairy


In 1975 a dedicated
tourism attraction was established in Germany named the German Fairy Tale
Route. It is a route through Germany that is devoted to the Grimm brothers and
their tales; running through locations that they were known to have lived and
worked in, and also where many of the well known tales were said to have
originated and been inspired from. The tour begins in Kassel, the fairy tale
city located in central Germany, that is host to story-esque architecture such
as the Hercules monument in Wilhelmshöhe Park and the Löwenburg castle. Kassel
is also home to the Grimmwelt museum, a contemporary space devoted to the life,
work and accomplishments of Jacob and Wilhelm.


This essay will
mainly be focused on the tales of Snow White, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty.
Although each of these have similarities with each other they are all based in different
architectural environments; Snow White being in a small cottage in the woods,
Rapunzel in a single tower in a desolate area and Sleeping Beauty being in a castle
of grandeur. The Grimm’s drew inspiration