Exhibition Reports

Art is an expression of beauty and appreciation of what is around us. Works of art are more appreciable as they are worth many words. Looking at a piece of art, one is able to deduce a lot of information.

Art is part and parcel of human life and this is reason why different museums the world over has taken it upon themselves to display various works of arts so that people from all walks of life can see and appreciate them.

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This discussion looks at the exhibitions of contemporary arts in three different museums namely Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The Armand Hammer Museum of Art Culture

The Armand Hammer Museum of Art Culture was opened more than two decades ago in the year 1990. The building that houses this museum is located in Los Angeles and has exhibitions which display varying expressions by different artists over the years.

This museum has some permanent collections which mainly include post-impressionist as well as impressionist works of art. One of the exhibitions from the permanent selection in this museum is the Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley

The works of these two artists have commanded attention from people all over the world and especially because some of their work has been controversial. Their pieces of art have explored virtually every aspect of life and especially those areas that are hardly touched on.

The two artists are famous both for their individual separate works as well as the works of art they have done collaboratively. At times, it appears to be so hard to write on art and define the affirmative aspects of a meticulous exhibition. This is why if an individual has an opportunity to a glance of art works and feel the ambiance of intangible Art, it is better to prefer LACE.

The museum of contemporary art in Los Angeles

The museum of contemporary art in Los Angeles is yet another museum that has great works of art. This is the first museum to hold an event of its kind that has been dubbed art in the streets. This event which is being held for the first time will involve carrying out a survey of graffiti and how far it has come in terms of development and also focus on street art.

What has always been considered as art from the street has now been incorporated in the exhibitions of the museum of contemporary art and those who have had an opportunity to look at it cannot stop hailing praising for the amazing works of art. Bringing the street art into the museum had sparked various debated with some people being enthusiastic about the whole issue while others have brought about controversial debates about it.

The inclusion of artists like Shephard Fairey is one of the issues that has remained controversial as far as arts in the streets is concerned. Some of the complaints that have been raised in this exhibition is in regard to ugly graffiti that have been displayed which are causing a stir among those who catch a glimpse of it.

However, the management of the museum contemporary art in a bid to control the damage already done by the unauthorized displays has been quick in trying to clean up the dented image of the museum. It can however be concluded that beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder and that despite some of the complaints that have been raised about this kind of show, there are people who are quite enthusiastic about it.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has gained popularity as being the largest of its kind in the entire western American region. This museum has collection dating very many years back and has virtually every kind of art pieces that one would desire to see.

The museum has organized an event in which the great works of art of one of the highly respected artists the world over Tom Burton will be recognized, honored and appreciated. The great works of Tom Burton are mainly said to have been inspired by culture, traditions and fairy tales of the gothic community. In this exhibition, there will be on display more than 700 works of arts including drawings, costumes, photographs, puppets among many other artistic items.

Pretty much of these items will be obtained from the archive of Tom Burton while part of it will be obtained from those who have worked in collaboration with Burton in collecting pieces of artworks from various parts of the world. Part of the work that will be in exhibition is one that has not been displayed in the past and thus will give those in attendance something new to look out for.

It has been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. This statement holds quite true and especially in regard to works of art. It is without a doubt that the works of art displayed in the above discussed three museums as well as other museums are beauties to behold and they help us look at art from a very different point of view unlike previously perceived. With some of the exhibitions in the above named museums still ongoing, it is wise for one to pop in and see what this exhibitions are all about.