Evolution SMS system. Further To achieve higher

                        Evolution of 5G Wireless Technology

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                      It has been
seen that there has been a lot of development in mobile technology in the past
few decades. That’s why we want our
communication system to grow faster. Today,
everybody wants to do their work fast, even if it is browsing the Internet.
4G is helping to make rapid browsing,
but this is not enough. In this new era our need is increasing towards 5G. We would like to tell through this report
that what benefits will we get from 5G and what will be required to bring it.

Mobile Telecommunication system succeeded EDGE in 1999.This
system wideband CDMA (W-CDMA) to carry the radio transmission , and often the
system  is refferd to by name WCDMA.
Initial goal of telecommunication was mobility and global connectivity , but as
the technology evolved the Services started expanding . Now Services were not
restricted to Voice  and SMS only .For this
expansion and efficient execution in LTE(long term Evolution).In 2010 4G is
commercially launched .4G is used till now. Now it’s time to move from services
to multi services approach , In other word from LTE Advanced to next Generation
communication system which is the  5th
Generation features have been planned to be added in 5th Generation
Or next generation system are ,Pervasive networks: where user can concurrently
be connected to several wireless access technology and seamlessly move between
them group cooperative relay .This is technique that is being considered to
make high cognitive radio technology : it would enable the user
equipment/handset to look at the radio landscape in which it is located and
choose the optimum radio access network ,modulation    










                                       5G is the 5th Generation
wireless system. 5G is
the future wireless technology, which can be reached by 2020. Before 5G there
is 1G,2G ,3G and 4G communication System. Independently developed system are
called  as a 1st Generation
communication . It was introduced in 1982 by Bell Labs and popularly known as
Advanced Mobile Phone System(AMPS).The key 
idea here was to divide geographical areas into cells and each cells was
served by a base station .European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ESTI)
developed 2nd Generation  system. It is
commercially launched in 1991 in Finland based on GSM standards. It could  deliver data at the arte of up to 9.6 Kbps.2G
introduced SMS system. Further To achieve higher data rate started developing a
service called GPRS.GPRS could transmit data at up to 160 kbps. The phase after
GPRS is called Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE). It introduced 8
Psk modulation and could deliver data at up to 500 kbps using the same GPRS infrastructure.
3GPP UMTS , the Universal