Everything ‘Drawduino’, a portrait drawing robotic hand

Everything happens for a reason. From natural forces to man-made inventions, there is a mechanism behind every action. Even as a child, I was curious and intent on dissecting out how everything works. I successfully completed my schooling with mathematics, physics and chemistry as my majors. While these subjects provided me with an excellent theoretical grounding, I was drawn to engineering as it was the application of these disciplines to real world problems. I have been involved with engineering now for five years, and it still gives me immense satisfaction when I see the results of my work being used in the real world.

My first brush with electronics was in 2009, when I started learning Basic Electronics. I acquainted with the subjects like Microelectronics, Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits, Embedded Systems and Robotics during my study of Discrete Electronics, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Electronics, Analog Electronics, Microprocessors, and Micro-controllers. I was intrigued about the various challenges faced while designing and verifying complex analog as well as digital circuits and got to know about the various tools. Then on I worked on different tools, languages and systems as major research endeavors and that captured my interest in VLSI Systems, Automation and Microelectronics.

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Two years ago, I was lucky enough to work on a project tackling a real-world practical problem. Kolkata, a large and busy city in India, still used manually operated traffic lights. At many intersections, traffic police had to carefully direct the cars, taxis, buses, cyclists and rickshaws that shared the streets. I worked at the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers on a project that automated all of the traffic lights. Kolkata is still in the process of switching from manual to automated, and I am proud to have been part of the project responsible for this change.

I have been a part of other projects that addressed practical problems. For example, I worked on a system to automate fly ash generated from a thermal power plant. As part of this project, I designed new logic, which is now being used by others. I also worked on automating a system that previously required employees to handle hazardous material. During my undergraduate studies, I worked with Prof. C. Ghosh, Associate Professor of Netaji Subhash Engineering College on a project to measure and control the level of any liquid.

Most recently, I have taken the initiative to start my own project with a friend called ‘Drawduino’, a portrait drawing robotic hand built on Arduino as main controller. We are using a camera to take an image of a person’s face and crop it using Viola Jones Algorithm for human face reorganization/recognition. Using edge detection algorithms and image processing techniques, ‘Drawduino’ creates a sketch of a human face as it has two degrees of freedom. We are using two servo motors for moving the pen in precise locations using different algorithms of control theory. The camera positioned on the top tracks the pen and fetches the real-time data for the feedback system to minimize the physical error. We are even planning to implement the same for sculpturing using three degrees of freedom. An abstract is expected to be published in Indian Organization of Scientific Research and many other different international journals soon. While Robotic Engineering is already an advanced subject in USA, Germany, Japan and China, automated robots are still not in use in India. I hope my project will contribute to the field to elevate Indian robotic engineering to the world standard. Additionally, I hope these future advances will encourage foreign companies such as Lockheed Martin and IRobot to invest in Indian technology.

I also enjoy the collegiate opportunities this field offers. I had numerous opportunities to attend different seminars and conferences and also had the opening to present papers along with Dr. A.K.Das, the Dean

of Durgapur Institute of Advanced Technology and Management, in a national seminar. I am proud to be a member of different international professional societies, including The Institute of Engineers, India (IEI), Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE, Washington), International Association of Engineers (IAENG, Hong Kong), International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT, Singapore) & Metrology Society of India (ERC). These conferences and memberships have given me the opportunity to meet others within my field to exchange ideas. Being a member, I gain access to international journals and papers which keep me updated on recent research trends and technological fields.

As rightly said by Mr. Steve Jobs ‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’, I too feel the urge to pursue Master of Science which will offer me the opportunity to leverage my career with enhanced employability options and also aid me in my preparation for PhD in my desired field. My ambition is to focus on research and development on the nuances of emerging fields of Electrical and Computer Engineering. For this I wish to join University of              , where I will get a chance to work with a dedicated research team and be a pioneer in developing technologies. As my main interest lies in VLSI Systems and Designing, I want to study the design of digital VLSI systems and VLSI architectures, along with the fundamental concepts of Embedded Systems, Signal Processing and Robotics. I hope to work with renowned faculty such as Dr.

                             , Dr.                                and Dr.                                whose research interests are same as mine on innovative and interdisciplinary projects.

I have enjoyed all of the teams with which I have worked. My co-workers describe me as sincere, hardworking, and bold, qualities which I have inherited from my family. My team spirit and leadership qualities have also helped me both during school projects and in the workplace. With all my cumulative academic knowledge and work experience, I feel that I would be able to add a different dimension to my next course of education and career.