Even could not answer to any of my

Even if the Grandmother
uses Christianity throughout in the story, and acts like a messenger of Christ
in the entire story, she never portrays the above characteristics. When we look
at the two initial sentences in the story, “the grandmother did not have
the intention of going to Florida. She only needed to visit particular
connection in east Tennessee, and she was making use of every opportunity so
that she would change the mind of Bailey (O’Connor 117). From the start it is
evident that the Grandmother is very manipulative and is willing to go above
the heads of the other characters for her to acquire whatever she needs. Again,
after Bailey who is the Grandmother’s son disagrees with the request of her mother
in changing their plans for vacation, she ends up flinging the newspaper
towards her son and displays to him the story which is in the cover page about
a man by the name Misfit who heads towards Florida and is well known because of
his murder splurges. “I would not go along with my children towards a direction
with such a criminal, “the Grandmother utters. “I could not answer to any of my
conscience if I would” (O’Connor 117).

When we compare the
characters, grandmother and Misfit, we see the way Misfit declines religion then
again confesses to the grandmother that “Nome, I am not a decent man” (O’Connor
17). From Revelations 3:16, the Bible says, “So, because you are
lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” The section
in the spiritual background simply explains that God wishes that you receive or
discard him entirely. Misfit denies faith as well as belief, the grandmother on
the other claims to be a woman with ethics due to her faith, who merely depends
on religion whenever her life is in danger. 
After the Misfit kills her, he says, “she might have remained a decent
woman if someone was here to shoot her each minute of this woman’s life” (O’Connor
23). This statement from the Misfit is helpful in summarizing the hypocrisy of
the grandmother and again her lukewarm religion which usually uses when she
needs her life to be saved but not in each face of her life.

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