Eurovets acts with honesty and respect.The Eurovets Code

Eurovets Code of Ethics PrefaceEurovets is a business created by veterinarians to supply products of the highest quality to customers, often other veterinarians. Our company always acts with honesty and respect.The Eurovets Code of Ethics is how we make our ethics into our practice. We recognise that our Eurovets work is all about relationships. Our relationships are to our employees, our customers, our suppliers, as well as the environment. We set high ethical standards in all directions for practical as well as aspirational reasons. Our commitment to the highest standards helps us to attract high calibre employees, to offer premium brands and to retain happy customers. The trust and mutual respect we have built between employees and customers is the foundation of our success and we nurture these relationships with our code.Please read the code, and follow both its spirit and letter. Bear in mind that we have a personal responsibility to encourage other colleagues to incorporate and enact our guiding principles into our work. Should you have a question or a concern that one of your colleagues or the company as a whole is falling short of our commitment, do not be silent. We want and need to hear from you.Who Must Follow Our Code?We expect all of our employees and Board members to know and follow the Code. Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment. We expect others who may be temporarily assigned to perform work for Eurovets to follow the Code in connection with their work for us. Failure to do so can result in termination of their relationship with Eurovets.What If I Have a Question or Concern?If you have a question or concern, react. Contact your Operations Manager or the Board Secretary. You can also submit a question or raise a concern to the Board Secretary. If you believe a violation of law has occurred, you should raise that through the Board email – [email protected] RetaliationEurovets ethical standards means retaliation against any worker here at Eurovets who reports or participates in an investigation of a possible violation of our Code, policies, or the law, is prohibited. If you believe you are being retaliated against, please contact the Eurovets Board via email at [email protected] or via the Board Secretary.Serve Our CustomersOur clients value Eurovets not only because we deliver quality products and excellent services, but because we take pride in the highest standards of service and operation. By following our principles listed below, we can maintain that enviable standard.IntegrityOur reputation as a trusted company by our clients is our most valuable asset. We must ensure that we continually earn that trust. All communication and interaction with clients, must and should, increase their trust in us both individually and as a business.UsefulnessOur products, services and indeed our professional time, should make Eurovets more valuable and sought after by all our clients. Our customer needs differ, but one guiding principle remains: “Is what we are offering useful to and valued by our customers?”ResponsivenessBeing useful and honest also means being responsive: We recognize relevant client feedback and take action in a positive way. We take pride in our quick response to communications from our clients. If there is a problem, we look for solutions.ActionWhenever you feel our customers are not being well-served, let someone in the company know about it. The ongoing improvement of Eurovets involves us all.Support We are committed to a supportive work environment where employees can reach their fullest potential. Everyone is expected to do their utmost to create a workplace culture that is free of harassment, intimidation, bias, and unlawful discrimination.Conflicts of InterestAny situation in which competing loyalties could cause you to pursue a personal benefit to yourself (or friends and family) at the expense of Eurovets creates a conflict of interest. Everyone should avoid such conflicts or situations.When considering what to do, ask yourself whether the action you are considering could create an benefit for yourself, friends, family or an associated business at the expense of Eurovets. If the answer is “yes,” the considered action is likely to create a conflict of interest situation and you should avoid it.For your guidance, we provide examples of areas where conflicts of interest often arise:       -Personal loans and investments       -Outside employment, advisory roles and starting your own business       -Business opportunities found through work       -Friends and relatives; co-worker relationships       -Accepting gifts, entertainment, and other business courtesies       -Use of Eurovets products and servicesIn each of these situations, the rule is the same – if you are considering entering into a business situation that creates a conflict of interest, avoid it. Circumstances change and a situation that previously did not present a conflict of interest could become one so stay alert to this possibility.Personal InvestmentsAvoid making personal investments in companies that are Eurovets competitors or with business partners when the investment might cause, or appear to cause, you to act in a way that could harm Eurovets.When determining whether a personal investment creates a conflict of interest, consider the relationship between the business of the third party, Eurovets and your position at Eurovets.  This includes whether the company has a business relationship with Eurovets that you can influence and the extent to which the company competes with Eurovets.Business Opportunities Found Through WorkBusiness opportunities discovered through your work, belong first to Eurovets, except as otherwise agreed to by Eurovets.InventionsDeveloping or helping to develop outside inventions that a) relate to Eurovets’ existing or reasonably anticipated products and services, b) relate to your position at Eurovets, or c) are developed using Eurovets corporate resources may create conflicts of interest. Friends and Relatives; Co-Worker RelationshipsAvoid participating in management of or decision-making regarding potential or existing Eurovets business relationships that involve your relatives, spouse or significant other, or close friends. This includes being the hiring manager for a position for which your relative or close friend is being considered or being a relationship manager for a company associated with your spouse or significant other.To be clear, just because a relative, spouse/significant other, or close friend works at Eurovets or becomes a Eurovets competitor or business partner doesn’t mean there is a conflict of interest. However, if you are also involved in that Eurovets business relationship, it can be very sensitive. The right thing to do in that situation is to discuss the relationship with your manager and/or the Board.Accepting Gifts, Entertainment, and Other Business CourtesiesAccepting gifts, entertainment, and other business courtesies from a Eurovets competitor or business partner can easily create the appearance of a conflict of interest, especially if the value of the item is significant.Generally, acceptance of inexpensive “token” non-cash gifts is permissible up to a value of a maximum value of 200 AED. In addition, infrequent and moderate business meals and entertainment with clients and infrequent invitations to attend local sporting events and celebratory meals with clients can be appropriate aspects of many Eurovets business relationships, provided that they aren’t excessive and don’t create the appearance of impropriety.Use of Eurovets Products and ServicesAvoiding potential conflicts of interest also means that you should not use Eurovets products, services, internal tools, or information in a way that improperly benefits you or someone you know or creates the appearance that you have an unfair advantage over users outside of Eurovets. For example, you should never approve Eurovets accounts, services, or credits for yourself, your friends, or family members. Preserve ConfidentialityDivulging certain kinds of company information can hurt our product launches, eliminate our competitive advantage and prove costly in other ways. Our responsibilities extend beyond protecting confidential Eurovets material – we must also properly secure and (when appropriate) dispose of confidential material, as well.Ensure Financial Integrity and ResponsibilityFinancial integrity and fiscal responsibility are core aspects of corporate professionalism. This is more than just accurate reporting of our financials. The money we spend on behalf of Eurovets is not ours; it’s the company’s and, ultimately, our shareholders’. Each person at Eurovets– not just those in Accounts – has a role in making sure that money is appropriately spent, our financial records are complete and accurate, and internal controls are honoured.Expenditure of Eurovets’ MoneyWhen you submit an expense for reimbursement or spend money on Eurovets behalf, make sure that the cost is reasonable, directly related to company business, and supported by appropriate documentation. Always record the business purpose. If you’re uncertain about whether you should spend money or submit an expense for reimbursement, check with your manager. Managers are responsible for all money spent and expenses incurred by their direct reports, and should carefully review such spend and expenses before approving.Contracts Each time you enter into a business transaction on Eurovets behalf, there should be documentation recording that agreement and approved by the Managing Director or Board. Signing a contract on behalf of Eurovets is important. Never sign any contract on behalf of Eurovets unless all of the following are met:All contracts at Eurovets should be in writing and should contain all of the relevant terms to which the parties are agreeing – Eurovets does not permit “side agreements,” oral or written.Record of TransactionsIf your job involves the financial recording of our transactions, immediately  report to Operations and Accounting any transactions that you think are not being recorded correctly.Reporting Financial or Accounting IrregularitiesIt goes without saying that you should never, ever interfere in any way with the auditing of Eurovets’ financial records. Similarly, you should never falsify any record or account, including time reports, expense accounts, and any other Eurovets record.  If you suspect or observe any irregularities relating to financial integrity or fiscal responsibility, no matter how small, immediately report them to the Board.Obey the LawEurovets takes its responsibilities to comply with UAE laws and regulations very seriously and each of us is expected to comply with applicable legal requirements and prohibitions. It’s impossible for anyone to know all aspects of every applicable law but you should understand the major laws and regulations that apply to your work. ConclusionEurovets aspires to be a society based on altruism. We can not spell out every possible ethical scenario we might face. We are reliant on one another’s good judgment to uphold a high standard of integrity for ourselves and our company. We expect all Eurovets employees to be guided by both the letter and the spirit of this Code. Sometimes, identifying the right thing to do isn’t an easy call. If you aren’t sure, don’t be afraid to ask questions of your Operations Manager or consult the Board members.And remember… if you feel something isn’t right – speak up!  Dr Jonathan and the Eurovets BoardLast updated January 12, 2018