Many the chief executive officer of the education

Many rural regions have combined to form a rural educational district which is given legislative, administrative and executive powers.

Each city, town and village chooses its own representative who is known as a member or deputy. Such members or deputies form an administrative committee which appoints a Director of Education who is the chief executive officer of the education department. The public expects from its elected representatives that they will arrange for education according to their need. ,

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School buildings and educational equipment upto the secondary stage of education are under the direct control of Director of Education, i.e., the chief executive officer.

The principal of the school occupies an important place in the system of local educational control. He is selected by the department of education of the Local Executive Committee. For internal school arrangements the principal is wholly responsible.

He appoints other teachers and workers after consultation with Local Executive Committee. There is a Local School Council for the advice of the principal. The council consists of the principal himself, teachers and school workers.

The government of Russia has arranged for uniform, universal and compulsory education in order that the local public may co-operate in its own educational affairs. This arrangement is well accepted by all concerned as the guardians co-operate fully in the education of their wards by giving all kinds of financial help and full co-operation.

In Russia there is a School Parent Association in each locality for fostering co-operation in various types of developmental enterprises in the area of education. This association participates in leisure-time activities organised by students. It also helps needy children and orphans.

There are local school inspectors who are selected from the local teachers having at least three years’ teaching experience. In grade, these inspectors are lower to inspectors appointed by the Education Ministry. They help teachers in their day to day teaching work.