Traditional .” “The Drover’s Wife” is a tough,

Traditional bush stories have always been a part of Australia’s history; involving many types of characters like Drovers and Shearers, just to name a couple.
Many writers have portrayed these traditional bush characters in different ways!
The two bush stories “The Drovers Wife”and “The Graziers Wife”are set in two different time eras and written by two authors from totally different time periods.
Both of the main characters in each of the bush stories are quite similar in certain ways yet very different! This essay will compare their personalities their lifestyle and lives in general.
“The Drover’s Wife” is a very traditional bush story, which mainly focuses a young wife of a Drover who usually lives alone with her three young children on their property deep in the bush. Her husband, “a drover, an ex-squatter, is away with sheep .”
“The Drover’s Wife” is a tough, strong-willed woman who is devoted to her husband, her children and their farm. The only thing she does for recreation and excitement is read the “Young Ladies’ Journal”. The whole family, (two parents and four children) live in a “two roomed housemade of bark.” A recent drought has forced her husband to “sacrifice the remnant of his flock and go droving again .”
She doesn’t seem to regret the life she has but often she speaks fondly about her “girlish hopes and aspirations, which have long been dead. “
During the story a dangerous, venomous snake slips under the house and being the devoted other she piles her four children on top of a table and sacrifices a whole nights sleep to keep watch for the snake.
‘The Graziers Wife’ is also a very similar bush story written by Christobel Mattingley except it is set around the middle of the 20th Century, about 1960s, 1970’s.
While The Drover’s Wife had to live without her husband, ‘The Grazier’s Wife’ has her husband by her side to work with and to help on the far. Like ‘The Drover’s Wife’ she also ha…