almost . The ethnic Groups.are mostly white,with

almost 90 percent of the people from Israel live in
cities. in 1986 the population was 5,547,400.Jerusalem has
have a Jewish . The Jewish population now makes up more than
70 percent of the people . The remainder is largely Arab.
Although Judaism is the principal religion, Muslim,
Christian, Druze, Sunni Muslim, Samaritan, and all other
religions have the freedom to worship.
The population in 1987 was 56,878,000 .Persons per
square mile was six hundred and three . 91.5 percent of the
people live in urban areas, 8.5 percent live in rural ones.
The Life Expectancy for Males is 71 years; and for females
77 years. The main and official English . The
ethnic Groups.are mostly white,with some Indian, West
Indian, Pakistani, African, Chinese, Bangladeshi, Arab .
20 percent of Israels people work in manufacturing.
Their countries has a leading diamond center, that makes up
one quarter of Israel’s exports the rest comes from
manufactured goods like clothing, automobiles transport
equipment, and electronic equipment. Their tourism is one of
the main sorces for money more than 1.1 million tourists
visit the country each year. Israel has a large mineral
deposits that include phosphates, potash, clay, glass, sand,
sulfur, manganese, and building stone. There are also small
deposits of petroleum, natural gas, and copper,as well but
Israel;s Dead Sea contain potash, bromine, and salt. potash
is the most important mineral to Israel and is their major
Their agricultural products are Crops apples, barley,
flax, hops, oats, pears, plums, potatoes, rapeseed,
raspberries, strawberries, sugar beets, vegetables, wheat.
Livestock and fish beef cattle, dairy cows, pigs, poultry,
sheep, freshwater fish and seafood. as you can see the