Between the Nile river in the Nile valley.Here,

Between 3100 and 332 B.C was the rise and climax of one of the richest and oldest
ancient civilizations.It's lifeline was the Nile river in the Nile valley.Here, Egyptian
dynasties ruled from thefirst cataract of the Nile to the Mediterranean Sea.At the it's
height it ruled an empire that reached from Syria in the east to Nubia in the south.
In this report I will be covering the Archaic Period, the Old Kingdom, the Middle
Kingdom the New Kingdom and The Late Period or 3100-332 B.C.
Archaic Period: 3100 B.C to 2750 B.C
There long history began with therefirst King who began thefirst Egyptian dynasty.In
3100 B.C Pharaoh Menes united upper and lower Egypt.Making Egypt'sfirst empire.In
doing so, he made the Egyptian double crown.It was made by putting the red crown of
Lower Egypt on top of the white crown of upper Egypt.
Menes ruled from the ancient city of Thinis near Abydos.Under his reign thefirst
hieroglyphic writing was made.He is also credited with making his empire
Old Kingdom: 2750 B.C to 2181 B.C First Intermediate Period: 2182-2260
Little is known about Menes successors until the reign of Zoser at the end of the 3rd
dynasty.His capital was located at Memphis on the Nile's west bank.He built the
world'sfirst pyramid and thefirst building of that size to be entirely made of stone. Even
though it was a pyramid it wasn't a true pyramid, but a step pyramid.
After the reign of the last king of the Sixth dynasty (the last dynasty in the old kingdom.)
Pepi II in 2181 B.C, there was a period of crisis and social upheaval known as the First
Intermediate Period.The reasons leading up to this dark time, was a series of low floods
and the result was famine during the Sixth dynasty.This undermined the stability of Egypt
What followed put Egypt in rapid decline.With no central power the provinces became
independent states the…