For country. In conclusion, Turkish students care about

For rhe last ten years, the number of Turkish students
who choose to go to foreign countries for a university education
has been increasing. There are several reasons for such a case.
Especially two of them are the most important ones : Turkey’s
insufficient sources and the impressive educational and job
opportunities offered by more developed countries.
Turkey is a crowded country full of young people. So
a big amount of the economical sources is spent for education.
However, in last few years time the increase in the number of
universities hasn’t been enough to afford the fastly increasing
population. Moreover, most of these universities and newly established
ones are gathered in big cities like Istanbul and Ankara. This
situation causes other problems, usually financial. Families can’t
manage to support an education outside the city they live in. As
a result, foreign scholarships seem more logical to them.
It’s not just the unproper conditions in Turkey that
affects students so much; the need and demand for foreign
students have been getting high in developed countries for
the last decade. Developed countries are commonly populated
with old people which leads them to look for young people
in developing countries like Turkey. Consequently, foreign collages
attract Turkish students by giving them scholarships and
offering them better opportunities than their own country.
In conclusion, Turkish students care about their education
and future. They want a country which can support their
education and offer them good job facilities after graduation.
They can’t find what they want in their own country so
they go abroad. I think that their number will go on increasing