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When considering educational theories, it is important to consider the source of the theories and the intent of education right from the time of conception. According to the Greek history, education started as a concept of thought. The concept was composed of philosophy, history and basic arithmetic.

It therefore indicates that education is a component of all disciplines that should be learnt right from childhood. Bearing this in mind, it is therefore very important to make sure that the concept is progressive, depending on the nature of education. Education, like any other project, needs to be funded to make sure that it is progressed from one stage to the other.

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Some of the critical areas that are vital in this area are teaching materials, teachers and teaching facilities, including the structures. In the case of teaching materials, schools should be in a position to purchase materials that will be used in class. Some of the materials needed in education are teaching aids, writing materials as well as books for reading. Without such materials, dissemination of education cannot be effective (Odden & Clune, 1998, p. 158).

Another important field of funding is the teachers; if teachers are not paid adequately, there is a higher chance that they will be demoralized. Having a demoralized teacher in class is as good as not having him/her in class.

Also, underpaid teachers do not feel appreciated for the services offered and they tend to hold back their skills; this means that they have no sense of commitment to their work or their classes at all (Odden & Clune, 1998, p. 158). The other critical area that needs funding is the structures and facilities that make the dissemination of education easier. Such facilities include; classes, sanitation facilities as well as the teaching aid materials.

In case there are no efficient classes, then the process of education is challenged, since there is need of utmost concentration during learning and this is offered by an appropriate environment. In the case students or the teacher are not comfortable in class, the level of concentration is challenged hence compromising the integrity of the learning process.

Another critical area under structures is the sanitation of the schools. Bearing in mind that schools are facilities attracting high population, there is a need to have an effective sanitation process. Without effective sanitation, the health of the students and that of the teachers it at a higher chance of being compromised (Odden & Clune, 1998, p. 160).

In addition, depending on their locations, some schools do not have adequate security. Security of both the teachers and the students is paramount and should be highly regarded during by the financing schedule of education.

Despite the need for funding to such important fields of education, presently there are no such keen aspects of making sure that education systems are considered by all stakeholders. Education systems are funded by government budget, which is also responsible for other sectors that are considered crucial in people’s lives (Odden & Clune, 1998, p. 160). Education has been neglected to a point that it receives the least funding in the budget.

The government does not care to improve educational facilities especially those that are situated in the rural and slum areas in urban towns (Odden & Clune, 1998, p. 161). Despite the dilapidated situation of the education systems, none of the involved personnel or the officers dares to speak out to correct the situation.

Presently, education gets the least amount and there is no much fuss about the situation. To add to the situation, educational facilities have been left in dilapidated states. Most of the schools either have a leaking roof or their floors are broken, yet nobody raises concerns as to why education is the least funded sector in the economy (Odden & Clune, 1998, p. 160).

The worst of it all is that teachers are the lowly paid civil servants, regardless of the challenging working conditions they experience daily. In most cases, the country experiences cases of teachers going on strike demanding for better pay packages (Odden & Clune, 1998, p. 165). To the surprise of many, they are given a negligent increment and threatened to go back to work or else they lose their jobs.

In conclusion, funding of education system is critical in obtaining effective education services. Education sector has been neglected by the government in terms of budget allocation and the involved administrative officers are not concerned about the situation. Teachers are lowly paid and the structures do not constitute an appropriate learning environment. The government and all the other stakeholders should strive to correct the situation.


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