Early he won the prestigious Soen prize, while

Early Life Kenzo Takada was born in Himeiji, Japan, in 1940.He was the first Japanese fashion designer to show his work in Paris.The first time he contacts with fashion was read a fashion magazine from his sister. In teenage time, Takada need to follow his parents desire to attend the University of Kobe to study literature but during the time, he found that he doesn’t interested in the course, so he decided to left Kobe and went to Tokyo to study fashion at the first fashion college in Japan ——Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion College.At that time in Japan, there was only a few male operate in the sewing industry and Takada was the only male student in the fashion school. Perhaps this is the reason why Takada has to build his uninhibited style and dare to challenge the traditional.After finished college, Takada has started his fashion designer career and began working for the Sanai department store as a designer of girl’s clothing.In 1960, he won the prestigious Soen prize, while he has accumulated in the country considerable design and operational experience.In 1965, Takada began the long-awaited journey to the West by the ship.During landing in different countries, Takada contacted to different ethnic groups, cultures, and styles in the world, this has influenced to Takada to design his clothing full of exotic.After a few months, Takada has arrived in Paris but he didn’t know any French and penniless, which is the hardest time for him.Over the next few years, he worked for various department stores, the Pisanti textile group and Relations Textiles.After gaining experience and familiar in Pairs He opened his first boutique in 1970. Called Jungle Jap, which is inspired by his favorite artists —— Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Takada has based on Jean-Jacques Rousseau “The Jungle” to design and renovated his decoration in the boutique.After it, he has released his first show and selling his own line of ready-to-wear clothes.The store was a big success and later moved to 28 Passage Choiseul in Paris’ 2e arrondissement, where his clothes started attracting more attention and enhance reputation. Takada retired in 1990 and the label, owned by the French company LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE), Antonio Marras took over as creative director till 2011 andthe brand was taken over by Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, they have started to bring back the concept of Kenzo — multicultural, pattern, colours and insert youthful spirit into their new collection. A Change in his life – Jungle Jap Jungle Jap was one of the most important events to lead Takada to become celebrated. The reason why Jungle Jap has become successful is that in that time, Takada didn’t have enough funds to invest in fabric, so he has used chopped fabric that he collected in Japan and Paris to make his clothes, but the outcome was a stunning collection and started attracting.Until now,  “Jap warp” style has become the most signature style of Kenzo. In 1986 Takada has launched a men’s line “Around the World in Eighty Days” and a junior line, Kenzo Jungle.The idea of this theme is based on Takada when he moved to Paris, during the journey he has to go through Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, etc., he has written down what he saw and his experience to gave him the inspiration to design the collection, the style of the collection was fusion, pattern, and mix of colors.Apart from the unique style, Takada also wants to bring out the message of the issue of racial discrimination and he said: “I like to use African patterns and Japanese patterns together.” This has lead Takada become one of the most important designers in Paris with Soniy Rykiel and Yves Saint Laurent.He also did a line for the Limited chain called Kenzo Album in the late 1970s through mid-1980s, which is an inexpensive clothesline. In this collection, the style is more easy going and casual, for example, oversize blazers,  corduroy pants, brightly colored cotton shirts, etc.In 1988 he started the Kenzo City label and the Bambou line was started in 1994.Kenzo has caused a big influence in that time and more than two decades Takada has been the most famous traveler in the fashion world as well as the most multicultural and came up with ethnic styles, nowadays he still has inspired many designers. A great change of the brandAfter Takada has retired,  LVMH has bought his company and Italian designer Antonio Marras joined the brand and he has become the creative director of the brand.Since Takada has retired, people may think that the style of the brand may not be the same as begin, but “As creative director of the house, Antonio Marras will be working to ensure global identity and style are coherent at all levels of the Kenzo label,” the director of the house James Greenfield said.The first collection of Marras designed has launched at the Paris Fashion week on 08 March 2004.Marras has studied the Takada tradition and draw a lot of inspiration from the previous Kenzo collections, Marras mines both East and West, the present and the past, to create this collection and he wants to bring out the message of respect and reinvents the intentions of Takada.This Autumn and Winter 2004-2005 collection exist the style of Kenzo, for example, many garments were full of pattern, vivid layering, many people didn’t expect Marras can maintain the elements of Kenzo and disappointed for this show.After three years, Marras was announced leaving his creative directorship at Kenzo and be succeeded by Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, which are founded the Los Angeles concept store Opening Ceremony, since Leon and Lim have taken over the brand, they did a 360° upon taking over at the head of Kenzo and inserted the youthful spirit into their collection.In the first collection of Leon and Lim designed has release in 2012, this collection was inspired by upstate New York and the painter Ellsworth Kelly, the garments are rich primary color, texture, and blocked prints, apart from the garments, accessories are also outstanding too.For example sun hat, bracelets and fringed bucket bags, when these accessories and garments wear together on model, It gave people a vitality and essence vibes. The reason why Leon and Lim have this concept is influenced by Kenzo, at the began of design this collection, they have took an ideal from Takada’s book of fusing his own culture with French fashion. They thought their growth is so similar to Takada’s life, they have based on the casual clothes that people wear in the seaside towns in northern New York during their growth.After the show over, Takada was very happy about the design and showcased, “It take two to make a brand go right.” Takada said. Kenzo has back to the brilliant time, besides Leon and Lim have keep the concept of Kenzo, they also have potential to lead the brand to the next level.Nowadays Kenzo is not only success leading in the fashion trend, it is also become young generation target.Conclusion Kenzo Takada is one of the legend in fashion industry, he is the first Japanese one Since Takada have used different culture on his design, He was able to introduce Asian inspired looks to the fashion scene marking the growing influence of Japan on European and American designs.