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During the late 1700s and the early 1800s there were the first settlements of Scots-Irish people happening in the Americas. “In 1693, King Charles II granted 24 proprietors settlement to the American colonies and about 700 Scots-Irish settled there” (Dolan . “In the colonies, up until about 1697, every governor of the colonies was a Scots-Irish” (Carlisle . This meant that most of the colonies were populated with a lot of Scots-Irish people or immigrants. Scots-Irish had all come to America in order to help start forming the United States of America, our country today. For example, after “East and West Jersey combined into New Jersey the Scots-Irish population influenced the economy in the colonies” (Quinn . The political views of Scots-Irish people were very influential as well (Coffey . As a result, many Scots-Irish colonies were formed in the Americas as well. “In 1736, the Darien Georgia Scottish colony was formed because of the influence Scots-Irish had in the colonies” (Webb . These were the first settlements of the Scots-Irish during the late 1700s to the early 1800s.Back in Ireland, the people were not able to pursue their religion freely. “The Scots-Irish would head into the mountains with few texts other than the Bible in their canvas sacks” (Webb 118).  The Scots-Irish were Presbyterians that had left Ireland to come to the Americas in order to have their freedom in religion. Back in Ireland, the government overpowered Presbyterians by closing churches and schools. “They were forced to pay heavy taxes to support the established church they did not belong in” (Carlisle 39). As a result, many people including the Smiths left Ireland for the Americas and they were called Scots-Irish. While in the United States, the Scots-Irish “showed no hesitation in pushing into Indian territory and settling on lands claimed by tribal chiefs.” (Webb 138). “the Scots-Irish and their counterparts from Scotland had brought a special skill with them. That skill was in demand, particularly farther South.” (Webb .Charles Smith is a 30 year old Scots-Irish frontiersman that had just moved to the United States. He has a family of three which consists of his wife and two children. They live together in a rural community by owning a small farm.  His general diet consisted of “salted meats, root vegetables, and seafood” (Carlisle . “Many of the Scots-Irish people depended on hunting and fishing for their primary food supply and the food was prepared by using techniques learned from Native Americans” (Carlisle . If they did not finish his meat, “it was preserved by drying, smoking, or salting and during the winter time…fruits and vegetables were canned to be preserved” (Carlisle . Smith did bets on his free time, he “bet on things like dice and cards” (Carlisle . He also passed time by “playing chess, checkers, backgammon, whilst or cribbage” (Carlisle . Charles Smith also had to attend many social gatherings in his rural community because he was the head of the meetings. He was also part of many clubs founded by the Philadelphia Irish in America. “The Philadelphia Irish also formed such ethnic associations as the Irish Club, founded in the mid-1760s, and the Society of the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick, founded in 1771.” (Carlisle 40).On July 4, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was adopted. This was when the colonies of America decided to declare independence against Great Britain. At this time, relations between the Americas and Great Britain were at the worst. America wanted absolute freedom from Great Britain because of the heavy taxes on almost everything and the stationed troops in the colonies. So, in 1776 the American Revolution beganSince there were many Scots-Irish: governors and immigrants, they were a great impact when the Declaration of Independence was signed. Charles Smith helped the governor of New Jersey with the creation of the Declaration of Independence. “It is known that fourteen out of fifty six signers of the Declaration of Independence were Scots-Irish” (Carlisle 40). This is how much Scots-Irish were an impact in the Americas during this time period. As a result, the American Revolution took place after the Declaration of Independence. “Scots-Irish who were Presbyterians came to the Americas during this time period and about 200,000-400,000 continued to come to the Americas” (Webb 116).”skill was their unique ability to combine family homesteads with military expertise and to adapt to a battlefield on which they and their families actually lived.” (Webb 140)Charles Smith lived in the time period of discrimination against religion, declaration of independence, and winning battles. The Scots-Irish people being treated this way in Ireland knew how they wanted to help United States be formed as a country. Charles Smith wanted to have freedom above all things because back in Ireland he and his family could not pursue the religion they wanted. The cultures and religions that not only Charles, but other Scots-Irish people brought with them were going to be influenced in America. He believed that America in the future will be a country that favors the people’s rights and does not discriminate against people because of any differences. Charles Smith very much wanted a country that was different than most other countries in the world. After the United States won in the American Revolution there was more certainty for Smith on the belief to pursue a different type of government. Since America was free from Great Britain the future of the country was going to be made wholly new and it was believed by Smith that the new country would be a place that everyone would have freedom and a voice to present their ideas.