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During ServiceDebatably the most important period of a client’s visit to a salon and spa is during the time that they are being provided the service they requested. Half of a stylists job consists of performing services relating to hair, while the other half is providing customer service, to ensure that every client is walking out of the door satisfied. While receiving this service, the clients must firstly be engaged by the staff member assisting them. It has come to our attention that this area is one in which Red Carpet Hair Salon needs the most improvement. Stylists need to speak with the client about their needs, wants, and address any concerns the client may have. By doing so, the stylist can increase the probability that they will have a satisfied client once the service has been completed. Next, the staff need socialize and converse with their clients. Hair care services can range from half and hour to longer than five hours, depending on the service being provided. These periods of time can be dreadfully boring which causes the client to countdown the seconds until the service will be completed, leaving the client with a negative opinion about the period of time they spent at the salon. This means that stylist must entertain and keep their client engaged for long periods of time. Accomplishing this can be done by conversing about daily life, family, local news, international news, and much more. Once a stylist has spent a reasonable amount of time with a specific client, they will be able to judge the topics that interest a specific client and use this topic as the following time the client returns. Through conversation, the stylists at red Carpet Hair Salon can also promote services and hair products that they believe will benefit the client. For example, if a stylist notices that a client is complaining about dry skin, they could recommend a facial with the esthetician. Or, if the client is complaining of dry hair, the stylist can recommend a product using their professional expertise. To encourage this behaviour, the stylists will take four mandatory training sessions on customer service and customer interactions, in hopes of improving their ability to socialize and engage clients. Also, the staff will be given a guideline of questions and topics to consider using while providing a service to a client. The second step in this section of the proposed plan is to provide charger ports for clients at each of the stylist’s stations. During a hair appointment, numerous clients tend to use their cellular devices to show the stylists hairstyles, catch-up on daily activities, and much more. By adding the charging ports, we are hoping to increase customer satisfaction by creating a more accessible and convenient atmosphere. Finally, we would like to offer clients complimentary food and refreshments will they are being served. Since many services take a substantial amount of time, it would be courteous and thoughtful to offer items such as cookies, muffins, tea, and coffee to the clients. This step in the process would tremendously increase the satisfaction of the clients with their experience at Red Carpet Hair Salon. Overall, our goal during the client’s appointment is for them to feel engaged, welcomed, satisfied, and create a positive atmosphere to promote their return to this salon. After ServiceAt the end of every customer’s visite they should already be thinking of and or considering their next visit. If this is true, the customer’s visit was a complete success on the Salon’s behalf. Unaware of the customer’s thoughts and opinions, the ‘After Service’ is also very crucial to the customers experience, this is the very last chance the employees of the salon get to entice their client on ever to the Red Carpet Hair Salon. After the staff has assessed the client in the ‘During Service’ and can properly identify areas of concerns, wants and needs of the customer, the staff will then use their product knowledge and personal experience with various products to offer samples that may interest the customer as well as offer samples of any products that had been used during the customers appointment that they may have showed some interest in. This is a great practice when it comes to the customer service aspect of a salon, where the clients are placing a great deal of trust into the staff’s hands. When addressing the customer’s needs and offering samples that can potentially beneficial to their areas of concerns, it gives them a sense of acknowledgement and a sense of being rewarded. Providing and suggesting samples that best suit a client will possibly increase sales and provoque interest in new products thus, possibly, increasing sales furthermore. The very final stage of the customers visite is once again at the front desk where they will interact with the face of the Salon, the receptionist. This is where future appointments will be booked, leaving the customer a commitment to returning to the salon, once an appointment is already booked, for convenience, the customer is least likely to go to any other competing Salons within the area. This is also where the receptionist will keep on file what samples the client was given, products they have purchased in the past as well as keep note of customer comments, for example, if there is anything they would like to add about their overall visit, the receptionist will keep notes of any likes and dislikes the client may have had during their visit. Since this is an informal, surveying technique, none response bias will be taken into consideration. Being as informal as it is, it is mainly for the receptionist to keep track on any positive or negative consistencies and develop solutions to improve or to preserve these circumstances. The software that will be put in place for simplicity and reliability reason’s will be Shedul, with a four and a half star rating, all of the receptionist tasks that will be put in place can all be done in one simple system that is quite self explanatory and can be used with simplicity and ease. Finally just before the customer leaves satisfied with their experience at the Red Carpet Hair Salon, it is the receptionist’s responsibility to offer the client any mints or lollipops for themselves or children who may have accompanied the client, once again, reward the client for their visit. When the customer is offered free mints and lollipop it will entice the customer to continue to chose the Red Carpet Hair Salon over other upper  middle class salon’s due to the continuous hospitality throughout their entire appointment from the very moment they walk in through the front doors to the very last moment when they leave happy and confident.OverallThe Red Carpet Hair Salon will have to develop promotional plans based on the economic, geographic and demographic status of their clients. For instance, promotional events for Mothers Day, seniors, Bridesmaids and possibly seasoned based promotions as well. All promotions will be mainly focused on resale products rather than the actual services provided by the salon, this way the Red Carpet Hair Salon will be able to keep their middle upper class status in the industry.  Another important factor that the Salon will have to implement as soon as possible is available internet connection that requires email, guest registry to access the server. These emails will be a cost effective way to advertise any upcoming promotions. In addition, seasonal decorations will be added to keep a welcoming atmosphere to the clients. The seasonal decoration will not only be festive but will still conform to the sleek, red, modernt them of the Red Carpet Hair Salon.