Drag taken which includes reaction time, elapsed

racing is a well-known not only in Malaysia, but also around the globe. Drag
racing is generally a sprint battle of two cars through a straight drag strip,
normally ¼ mile (402 meters) in length depend on the category. According to the
Sepang Drag Battle Technical Regulation, the Christmas Tree light system is used in Malaysia, same as there in
the USA NHRA Drag Racing 1. In a drag race,
several measurements will be taken which includes reaction time, elapsed time
and speed. Reaction time is the time interval between the green light
illuminated and the car leaving the starting line. Elapsed time is the time
interval between the car leaving the starting line and crosses the finish line.
Speed is taken using speed trap located approximately 20 meters before the
finish line.


the car that crosses the finish line first, which subsequently have the lower
reaction and elapsed time is consider the winner. To achieve lowest possible
reaction and elapsed time, the car must have good acceleration, power and
torque. By doing some tuning and modification, much better power output and
torque may be achieved.

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2.2 Air Intake
System Modification


           Air intake system
of an automobile consist of several parts and components and it can differ
depend on the manufacturer of the vehicle. In general, an air intake system of
an automobile usually will have the air filter, air box and piping, throttle
body, and intake manifold. Some modern automobile’s intake system can be highly
designed and complex, all of that is to optimally distribute the air-fuel
mixture into the cylinders.


           For the purpose of racing application,
modification and improvement of the intake system is considered one of the most
crucial part to be studied. Many race cars enhanced its power by only doing
tuning on the intake system. For drag racing category which allow only cars
with NA engine to compete, such as Sepang Drag Class C, are the reason why
modification can be done on the intake system 1. The engine
performance of Formula SAE race cars commonly being improve based on the
modification of intake system. Intake modification and improvement give a great
impact on engine performance in term of brake power and torque 2-4.