Dowry;s India; sums up the great terror

Dowry;s are of great importance to families in India. Whether it be the wife that wants to secure a marriage to a suitable man, or a man looking for a wife that will be able to help him and many times his family prosper, dowry;s are not only a key to happy marriages, they may also be the key to Pandora;s box. The article ;dowry Deaths In India; sums up the great terror that greed and deception can bring, especially in families.
In this article we are brought to realize that Dowry Death;s are a cruel and popular crime committed each day in India. The article reports that there are over 6,000 dowry deaths documented per year (many more most likely un-documented), while fury greed continues to grow.
Dowry;s were set up by a female;s family to give to her future husband;s family as an offering and acceptance of their marriage (as well as the ritual of the wife leaving to stay with the husband;s family). These dowry;s may include anything of value such as money, jewelry, (now in modern times T.V.;sand such as well), thus the more value of the dowry, the higher of class a women was thought to be, and the more attractive she became for marriage material.
After Dowry;s are given, and the marriage is final, it is presumed that everything is taken care of and the families go on with their lives. What we see again in this article is the examination of when things go wrong and money and power seem to be the only things hunted. Mandelbaum jgives examples of young girls that were married off with high dowry;s for suitable husband;s. Soon after the marriage has become final, the husband;s family starts demanding more from the dowry;s. They claim it isn;t enough to provide for them and start to threaten the wife. If these dowry demands are not met, death of the worst and ;accidental; kind can result. Even when given their demands, The…