Do morning person, they can go to bed

            Do you hate
waking up early in the morning everyday? Almost every weekday high school
student’s wakeup at 6am to get ready for school. Most high schools start around
8am, which is too early for teenager’s minds to function properly. All the high
schools need to make sure their students are well rested and ready for a long
day of learning. School should start later in the day, so students can get full
recommended sleep. Students will pay more attention in their classes which will
help them learn better, also the teachers will be in a better mood and awake
for their classes. As a result, the students will have better concentration,
energy, and attitude in their studies.

need a lot of concentration to work hard. When they are exhausted and tired
they are unable to think. Also, students need to be wide awake in their classes
to pay attention. For instance, when they are solving mathematical equations or
writing essay, if they are lacking their sleep they will have many mistakes and
will not be able to perform their duties as expected from the teachers. Especially
when it is the first class of the day, many students fall asleep and miss the
lectures in their classes. Schools should start at 9pm, and instead of ending
at 3pm, schools should end around 4pm. For example: Let’s say a student has a
lot of homework that night and so they go to bed around 12pm after finishing
all their work. That student would not be able to wakeup at early in the
morning to get ready for school. If they are a morning person, they can go to
bed early, wake up earlier and still complete their homework. Whether they are
a morning or a night person, the student will be well rested and fresh for the
full day of school ahead. Their mental and physical health improves and of that
just leads to academic success. (Chan, 2013).

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            Energy is
also very important both for students and teachers, instead of being drained
and late to class, students would have more energy without being late, and they
would be well prepared. Students will work much harder when they are not
lacking sleep. Energy is needed to obtain good grades and gain alertness. More
sleep is healthier for students and better grades are earned. Students who have
an early start and come from far away are more likely to skip breakfast,
without doing it they do not perform well in school, and do not engage much in
physical activities. I was more awake for first period and a lot readier to
learn. (Hill, 2012). To develop your brain and you must have enough sleep. If a
student does not get enough sleep the immune system gets lower and chances of
being ill are high.

            Nobody likes
to wake up early, when students do not get enough sleep they skip school
sometimes just to catch up on their sleep. If school was pushed back to 9am,
students and teachers would be much happier and healthier. Parents will also appreciate
the late start of the school because students will get better grades and the
students will participate more in physical activities. They will be focused and
attentive, and in addition students will be less late to school. There would be
less crime rates because later school days means less unsupervised time for teenagers.
(Bow, 2017).  Students will also have better
attitude in their studies, because they can complete some work at home in the
morning, before school. Instead of teachers getting up at 5am to prepare for
their classes, teachers will be happy when they get to sleep in as well.

            While many people
say that if schools started an hour later, the teens would be staying up longer
and fooling around. This is true because they will have their mind sets that
the school is starting later, so they can just watch a tv show or a movie. On
the other hand, many teens extended their work hours just to earn more money,
but they do not realize that they are putting their health at risk by working
late at night and not getting enough sleep. However, if school starts late
there will be no time for extracurricular activities. The students will be more
bored and waste more time after school. That is not good for student’s physical
health. To be active in classes the students need a lot of extracurricular
activities. So all high schools should make sure that even after having a late
start, they must have extracurricular clubs.

should start later for students to have better concentration, energy, and a
better attitude. If school started later, students would be more focused and
concentrated, instead of being tired. Students would have more energy to do an
excellent job on school work. Everyone would get to sleep which could lead to
better attitudes. With an extra hour of sleep students would have better attendance.
Also, the students will have enough time to relax and they would not feel rushed
to get all their stuff done in proper time.




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