We Americans do. In China, Confucianism, Taoism

We might think that Chinese and Americans are totally different people. Not only the way they look different, but also the different cultures. So, what are the differences between Chinese and American culture?
Most Chinese families like to cook the meals at home. The family members sit around the table and share the dishes on the table together. Even when they are having their meals in restaurants, they eat in the same way too. But in America, just part of the Americans have their meal at home with their family members. That’s common for them to take fast food as their meals, especially teenagers. They love to hang out and have meals with their friends, instead of their families. These actually shows that Chinese care about family union much more than Americans do.
In China, Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism are three ideologies which have greatly influenced the Chinese, such as the importance of education, respecting the elderly and parents, respecting the ghost and the gods in order to be well-being and the wheel of life. On the other hand, most of the Americans believe in Christianity and Catholic. The Christians and Catholics often pray to God. They believe that God blesses them and they will be sent to heaven after they died. We can see that the ideologies that people believe are quite different between Chinese and Americans.
Due to the great influence of Confucianism, the Chinese always treat the elderly and their parents with respect. Unlike the Americans, the Chinese will not call the names of their parents. That is kind of impolite behavior for the Chinese. As the Americans like to treat their parents as friends, they often show their emotion and tell their opinions quite straight-out while the Chinese prefer not to say but just hide in heart. In comparison, the Americans are more open-minded while the Chinese are quite conservative.
In the end, I would say that both cultures have their beauty and s…