2. this case. 7. Illustrations: [Write a

2. Forgery is always caused on a document.

3. Forgery may be committed to draw a sum of money from a bank account, or other properties.

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4. The offence of forgery is committed to cause harm to the complainant through any source or directly to him without using any third agency.

5. Forgery causing harm of any little sum of claim is forgery.

6. It is not material in case of forgery. Forgery is always forgery. No question of admissibility of a document arises in this case.

7. Illustrations: [Write a few illustrations of Sec. 464.]

Fabricating False Evidence:

1. This offence is related to “Offences against Public justice” explained in Chapter-XI (Ss. 191- 229). Fabricating false evidence is defined in Sec. 192.

2. False evidence may be caused by oral statement or paper, book, record or document.

3. The offence is committed with the purpose of producing such evidence in a judicial proceeding.

4. The offence is committed to cause harm to the complainant through court of law.

5. Evidence fabricated must be material.

6. There is no fabrication if evidence fabricated is not admitted.

7. Illustrations: [Write illustrations of Sec. 192.]