Difference between “Cheating” and “Mischief” – Explained!

2. The wrong-doer deceives a person fraudulently or dishonestly and induces the person deceived, and obtains the property.

3. The wrong-doer obtains the property by cheating and enjoys it.

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4. After the property passed into the hands of the wrong-doer, he may do efforts for enhancing the value of it, and improve it.

5. The aim of the wrong-doer is to have the property by deceitful and fraudulent manners, and to enjoy it.

6. By cheating, individual persons and properties are affected.

7. Illustrations: [Write Illustrations appended to Sec. 415.]


1. Mischief is explained in Ss. 425-440.

2. The accused causes wrongful loss or damage to the public or to any person.

3. The wrong-doer causes destruction of the property.

4. The wrong-doer causes wrongful loss and/or destruction to the property. Hence the value of the property is decreased.

5. The accused does not want to have the property or to enjoy it. Just he wants to cause injury to the public or any person, or to destroy the property.

6. By mischief, public and private properties are affected.

7. Illustrations: [Write illustrations appended to Sec. 425.]