Difference between “Cheating” and “Forgery” – Explained!

2. Cheating may be caused by oral statement or through documents.

3. The wrong-doer deceives a person and obtains property or any other profit.

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4. The Cheating is an offence relating to “the Offences against Property”, explained in Chapter-XVI I.

5. Cheating relates to entire property.

6. Cheating is committed with or without the knowledge of the owner of the property. Sometimes, tricks are played to induce the owner of the property, who delivers the property to accused.

7. By the offence, the accused may cause damage or harm to the person in body, mind, reputation or property.

8. Illustrations: [Write the Illustrations of Sec. 415.]


1. Forgery is explained in Ss. 463 to 477.

2. Forgery is always caused on a document.

3. Forgery may be committed to draw a sum of money from a bank account, and other properties, and to claim property as of right basing upon the cooked, concocted and forgered documents.

4. Forgery is an “offence relating to documents and to property marks”, explained in Chapter- XVIII.

5. Forgery relates to the title of the property. This offence relates to the property indirectly.

6. Forgery is committed without the knowledge of the owner of the property.

7. By forgery, the accused can cause damage or harm to the title deeds and property only.

8. Illustrations: [Write illustrations appended to Sec. 464.]