Difference between “Cheating” and “Criminal Misappropriation” – Explained!

4. Cheating may be done by any person.

5. The wrong-doer may cause harm or injury to the deceived person in body, mind, reputation or property.

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6. Dishonest and fraud are the essential elements of the cheating.

7. Illustrations: [Write illustrations of Sec. 415.]

Criminal Misappropriation:

1. Criminal misappropriation is explained in Ss. 403-404.

2. The owner of the property hands over the property to the wrong-doer in good faith. Thereafter, the wrong-doer misappropriates it.

3. In the beginning, the wrong-doer obtains the moveable property from its owner with owner’s consent. Thereafter he misappropriates against the wish of the owner. When he misappropriates the property, then the offence is said to be completed.

4. Generally, criminal misappropriation is done by near relatives, friends, joint owners, etc.

5. The wrong-doer can misappropriate the immovable property only. He does not involve the complainant in body, mind, reputation, or immovable property.

6. Dishonest is the essential element of the criminal misappropriation.

7. Illustrations: [Write illustrations of Sec. 403.]