Difference between “Assault” and “Affray” – Explained!

2. The offence of assault is included in Chapter-XVI “Offences relating to the human body”.

3. There is no physical contact in an assault.

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4. Punishment: Three months or fine upto Rs. 500/-, or with both. (Sec. 352).

5. It is committed in private place.

6. A shakes his fist at Z, intending or knowing it to be likely that he may thereby cause Z to believe that A is about to strike Z. A has committed an assault.

7. Assault is concerned with the accused and victim.

8. In assault, the accused is only punished. The victim is not punished.

9. Illustrations: [write illustrations of see. 351]


1. Sec. 159 defines “Affray”.

2. The offence of Affray is included in Chapter- VIII “Offences against the Public Tranquility”.

3. There is physical contact and fighting between two or more persons.

4. Punishment: One month or fine upto Rs. 100/ – or with both. (Sec. 160).

5. It is committed in a public place.

6. Two or more persons fight with each other and disturb public peace in a public place.

7. Affray is not only concerned with the persons fighting, but also with public peace.

8. In affray, all the participants are punished.

9. Illustrations: [write illustrations of see. 350]