Did wildfire. Ether way, the more trees

Did you know that 2016 was the hottest year on record and that the twelve warmest years on record have all occurred since 1998? What is the cause of this and how can we solve this? Well, the cause is us and global warming. We can solve this by decreasing our demand in certain type of energies. 
Global warming is when carbon dioxide and other heat trapping gases are released in the Earth’s atmosphere. These gases act as a blanket or covering which traps heat insides the Earth’s atmosphere. This heat steadily increases our Earth’s temperature. Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere when we burn fossil fuels to get energy. Some of the fossil fuels we use are coal and oil. Fossil fuels are used to power our vehicles, heat our home, and generate electricity. Some alternatives to using fossil fuels are power from the wind, the sun, and the tides. These are renewable resources, meaning that they won’t run out like the fossil fuels.
Another way we emit carbon dioxide is by deforestation. Deforestation is the removal of the trees in an area. This can be caused by human activity or wildfire. Ether way, the more trees that are gone, the more carbon dioxide is in the air. This is due to the fact that trees are one of the biggest plants that intake carbon dioxide to create oxygen. Also when trees burn the fire will produce large amounts of carbon dioxide. Meaning that all the carbon dioxide that the trees and fires produce will be trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere and this will cause an increase in the temperature.
The more that our temperature on Earth increases the more global warming becomes a problem. Some of the effects of global warming are the sea level rise accelerates, wildfires spread, dangerous heat waves become more frequent, extreme storm events became more common in areas, and more severe droughts are occurring. To stop these consequences from happening we need to significantly reduce the amount of heat trapping gases we emit into the air. This will slow down global warming and it will allow us to  pass on a safer environment for the future.
The fact that global warming is a thing has two parted opinions. The side of the belief that it is happening and that side of disbelief of it. But there is overwhelming evidence to prove that it is happening like the fact that over 130 year our Earth’s temperature has risen one point five degrees Fahrenheit. Also our sea rise level is increasing at an alarming rate. Our President of 2017 still doesn’t believe that global warming is happening and that we should direct just the smallest of our attention to it. So now your probably saying that if the President doesn’t believe in the need to address the fact that global warming is indeed a problem, then it really isn’t. But, in fact I believe that it is one of the many problems our world is facing today.
Unexpectedly, our earth is face many problems that we didn’t prepare for. Some problems that we face today are poverty, discrimination, and pollution. These are all problems that are very sizable and have been address by our Government or President at one point. Some people even use their entire life trying to fix these problems. But, today only a very small piece of our population knows about global warming and are trying to decrease the amount of cause and effect of global warming. 
As a young teen there isn’t much I can do about global warming because I don’t have access to the same resources as an adult may have. But, there are still things that I am able to do to raise awareness of the fact that global warming is a problem. Some things that I can do is write articles about global warming, have events that raise awareness of global warming, and even passing out flyers. These are just some of the things that many kids including me can be a part of and help save our earth. 
By doing all these thing we are helping inform people about the dangers of global warming. Even if some people don’t believe in global warming or don’t care, just by us believing we are inspiring people to do what is right for our earth. Whatever we do now will effect our future later on. If we pollute our Earth, in the future it could make our Earth inhabitable. If we take care of our Earth’s resources, then  it will still be sustainable for many generations to come. 
In conclusion, this is important because global warming has a huge effects on our health, community, and our climate.  If our health is at risk it will cause stress, tiredness, and new found illness. Global warming effects our community by increasing climate change. Some climate changes are hurricanes, tornados, or heat waves. All of these lead to necessary expanses which lead to debts. In all, we must slow the pace of global warming or the effects will become more permanent and more costly. 
If we come together and stop this, it will show our world that coming together to fight for something through peace is the right way to handle any problem our world presents. This will also teach our world that it is better to fight together then to fight against each other.